Nickname(s) "Zexy"
Pokémon Species Torchic
Level 38
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 0d 1h 19m
Lost 3d 23h 3m
Attacks Quick Attack, Sand-Attack, Focus Energy, Mirror Move

Zexy (officially zyyxyy) is A's starter Pokemon, a male Torchic, in Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald, or Gen 3.  Before his release, Zexy had been a valuable member of A's team.


After the consistent resetting at the start of Gen 3, zyyxyy (referred to as "Zexy" by the Hivemind) was adopted by A from Professor Birch at 0d 1h 19m.

Zexy had become rather infamous; most players had preferred Mudkip or Treecko instead. He even became an annoyance to some with his constant fainting. However, Zexy eventually fell into the role of A's strongest and most reliable Pokémon at the beginning of Pokemon Emerald.

Much like LazorGator in the early days of Gen 2, Zexy had difficulty attempting to evolve, as 'b' input commands were entered during his evolutionary sequence whenever he gained levels.  In the end, Zexy never evolved.

Release Edit

Day 3: the Mob shuffled inside the Pokémon Center to retrieve M4, but instead deposited all their Pokémon except for Dottie. It became a difficulty to work the PC correctly, and Shedinja was left behind. The chat split into two groups; those claiming Shedinja was a necessity to win against Gym Leader Wattson, and those who just wished to leave.[1] While fiddling for their precious teammate, Zexy was released 3d 23h 3m in Mauville City at level 38.[2] This incident was the first casualty of Gen 3.

Name Edit

Torchic was originally named zyyxyy, thus the majority of the Mob had dubbed it: Zexy, a combination of both zyyxyy and sexy. This was mainly due to the lore depicting Zexy as a womanizing or flamboyant Pokémon, often carrying a rose around.

Lore Edit

As he had a Lonely nature, many perceived Zexy as a foil to the more open and cheerful M4, especially when both constantly attacked each other during Double Battles. Over time, this developed into a staunch companionship, even evolving into a romance in most incarnations. Despite not being fully evolved like M4, Zexy was still held as the leader of the team due to being A's starter.

Zexy's demise near the end of the Day 3, cemented M4's change of personality and her place as the team's new leader, but many believed that Zexy returned, his soul being absorbed into Shedinja's cocoon as "Zexinja" to continue watching over the team.

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