Character Data
Age 10
Gender Male
Season Gen 2, Gen 4.5
Alignment Johto Heathens
In-Game statistics
Title Youngster
Status Alive

Youngster Joey is a trainer of the Youngster class who can be found on Route 30 between Cherrygrove City and Route 31. Although ignored early on, towards the mid and late second season, he became a major discussion topic in the lore.

In-Game significanceEdit

Retrieving Joey's lost numberEdit

At some point in the stream the players accidentally deleted Joey's number. Despite the fact that phone calls only hindering progress in the game, Joey was popular enough that the players decided to go back to Joey just to get his number back.  

Democracy CommandEdit

Near the end of Crystal, the streamer disabled Democracy only to later reveal that calling Joey was the secret command to activate it. 

Relation to A (Ace)Edit

Many people credit the discovery of AJ's Raticate, A, to Joey. They believe that Joey felt AJ

Youngster Joey sending Ace to find AJ (courtesy of 7ofDiamonds)

needed a Rattata to continue his journey, so he freed his own out of the kindness of his heart. This was a main reason against Operation Kill the Rat/Eradicate Radicate. 

Relation to AJEdit

It is largely believed that AJ and Joey are lovers. Although Joey's popularity amongst the stream may be a large factor for this lore, it is also supported by in-game events, such as frequent phone calls from Joey. 

Joey called immediately after the team lost to the Elite Four the first time, and then again the second time. Many players interpreted this as Joey offering moral support to AJ and the team.

Although many people agree that AJ and Joey were lovers, the extent of their relationship was frequently debated. While some people believe that the two were just friends, to others it was canon that the two had some form of romantic relationship. 

After Red was defeated in Crystal, many people began to exclaim in chat that they needed to restore contact with Joey, ranging from marriage to a phone call. Some lore found on Reddit shows the belief that AJ and Joey married after the events of Generation 2.

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