Nickname(s) “X-Wing”
Pokémon Species Zubat
Level 16
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 6d 16h 36m
Lost 6d 22h 45m
Attacks Leech Life, Supersonic

x, also known as “X-Wing”, is a Zubat caught by Red. It was later released on 6d 22h 45m, along-side C3KO


X-Wing was caught on day 7, but since Red was already carrying six Pokémon, it was sent to the PC. After obtaining C3KO and accessing the PC, X-Wing was released along with C3KO.


X-Wing's name comes from being named only the letter "X" and the fact that it is a winged bat. The nickname is a reference to the ship Luke Skywalker piloted in Star Wars.


Since X-Wing was released shortly after being captured, there is not much lore surrounding it. X-Wing was released alongside C3KO, who, in some depictions, is seen sacrificing himself so The Keeper, the Helix Fossil, and the S.S. Ticket could be withdrawn from the PC.

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