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Twitch Plays Pokemon is a "social experiment" live streaming channel on Twitch . It began on 12 February 2014 by an anonymous Australian programmer and the game Pokemon Red. The stream went viral, and it got one million unique views in Pokemon Red. After 16 days, 7 hours, 50 minutes, and 19 seconds, the viewers beat the champion, Blue.


TPP has so far been incarnated fifteen times playing fifteen different Pokémon games, with three of them being randomized versions of rereleases of prior Pokemon games, two being spin off games, and two being fanmade games. The stream is now currently on its sixteenth game.

Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

  • Generation 1 - Anniversary Crystal
  • Generation 2 - Pokémon Brown
  • Generation 3 - Pokémon Randomized Platinum
  • Generation 4 - Pokémon Prism
  • Generation 5 - Pokémon Sun
  • Generation 6 - Pokémon Waning Moon

Season Four[]

  • Generation 1 - Pokémon Chatty Yellow
  • Generation 2 - Pokémon Blazed Glazed
  • Generation 3 - Pokémon Randomized White 2
  • Generation 4 - Pokémon Pyrite
  • Generation 5 - Pokémon Theta Emerald EX
  • Generation 6 - Pokémon Ultra Sun

Season Five[]

  • Generation 1 - Pokémon Red/Blue
  • Generation 2 - Pokémon StormSilver
  • Generation 3 - Pokémon Bronze
  • Generation 4 - Pokémon Randomized Y
  • Generation 5 - Pokémon Flora Sky
  • Generation 6 - Pokémon Fused Crystal

Season Six[]

  • Generation 1 - Pokémon Burning Red
  • Generation 2 - Pokémon Volt White
  • Generation 3 - Pokémon Randomized Colosseum
  • Generation 4 - Pokémon XG
  • Generation 5 - Pokémon TriHard Emerald
  • Generation 6 - Pokémon Randomized Ultra Moon
  • Generation 7 - Pokémon Sword

Season Seven[]

  • Generation 1 - Pokémon: The Gauntlet
  • Generation 2 - Pokémon Sirius
  • Generation 3 - Pokémon Rising Ruby

Season Eight[]

  • Generation 1 - Pokémon Chatty Crystal
  • Generation 2 - Pokémon: Renegade Platinum
  • Generation 3 - Pokémon: Red-Green-Blue Race
  • Generation 4 - Pokémon Randomized Black 2
  • Generation 5 -
  • Generation 6 - Pokémon Space World Gold: Reforged
  • Generation 7 - Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond
  • Generation 8 - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Season Nine[]

  • Generation 1 - Pokémon Randomized Chatty Crystal
  • Generation 2 - Charity Dual Pokémon Red & Blue
  • Generation 3 - Grand Colosseum
  • Generation 4 - Pokémon: XG Remix
  • Generation 5 - Pokémon Randomized TriHard Emerald

Cross-Generational Comparisons/Indexes[]


Generation Records/Interesting Facts[]

The following has been compiled by /u/abiyoru from the TPP subreddit.


Most viewers- over 120k at one point

Most Pokemon released- 20, 12 during "Bloody Sunday"

Lowest average level of a final team- 54.333

Lowest leveled Pokemon on a final team- AIR at level 31

Longest total time at a ledge- about 16 hours to pass The Ledge at Route 9 (all attempts added)


Fewest Pokemon on a final team- 5

Earliest addition of democracy- from the beginning

Fewest individual Pokemon caught/obtained- 29

Fewest moves on a final Pokemon- Gator had 3


Longest Run- Completed in 20d, 21h, 55m

Longest time to beat the E4+champ- 151.317h or 6.305d, 103 runs (or 102 + Teh Urn)

Most varied levels of a final team- standard dev=17.818 (levels ranged from 49-100)

Latest addition of democracy (where it was still present)- between the 7th and 8th badges

Most female Pokemon in a final team- 5

Most Pokemon of a single species caught- 32 Oddish

Latest first badge- Stone badge earned at 1d 5h 42m

FireRed (Randomized):

Fewest pokemon released- 1

Shortest time to beat the E4+champ- 5.45h, 8 runs

Longest time in "Spinning Hell"- 44.183h or 1.84d (about 2x the time spent there in Red)

Least varied levels of a final team- standard dev=3.944 (levels ranged from 54-66)

Lowest leveled pokemon to be the highest level on a final team- DJ at level 66

Earliest first release- Zigzagoon at 0d 5h 1m


Most pokemon caught/obtained- 254 (232 not including those lost during the reset)

Most pokemon lost- 26, 22 during the reset + 4 releases

Longest time between badges- 4.5 days between the icicle and beacon badge

Least amount of time spent in Democracy (tie with Black)- none

HeartGold (Randomized):

Highest average level of final team- 87.667

Most pokemon to make it to L.100- 2

Most pokemon of one type on a final team- 4 rock types

Most fossil pokemon obtained- 4 (not counting Ariadome)

Highest leveled pokemon to be the lowest level on a final team- Lord Skull at level 71

Most belated (successful) evolution- Lord Skull was 30 levels late to evolve into Rampardos

Latest first release- Kenya at 6d 17h 53m

Most badges in a day- 6 on day 13 (Thunder-Boulder)


Fewest successful evolutions- none

Least evolved final team- 5 evolutions would have been needed for a fully evolved team

Shortest Run- Completed in 12d 18h 21m

Smallest pokemon on a final team- Sparky, as a joltik, stands at 0.1m (4in) and weighs only 0.6kg (1.3lb)

Least amount of time spent in Democracy (tie with Platinum)- none

Earliest first badge- Trio badge earned at 0d 5h 55m

Extra Info: It took 23.4h, 8 trys to beat Red in Crystal. We beat the E4+champ in FireRed faster. It took almost 48h to beat Alice in HeartGold, but there was a lot of E4 grinding in between runs, and we beat her on the 6th try.