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The Troll Wars was an extended battle between the regular chatters and Trolls over the evolution of Bidoof in order to learn Surf.


The Troll Wars is actually a small portion of the battling that took place between Chat and Trolls during the Platinum run. This battle took place between Days 7 and 9 of the run. Trolls throughout the run had attempted to stop the Chat from evolving their Pokemon. Some seeking an "all baby run," others just to attempt to make Platinum impossible to beat, and some just to see chat rage.

The War ignited over the evolution of Bidoof, which had become necessary in order to learn surf and progress with the storyline. Leading Trolls to focus their efforts on preventing this evolution. Although attempts to evolve Bidoof in secret were attempted, none succeeded due to the game requiring just one B to cancel evolution. Eventually, the Chat decided to waste time on other tasks instead of try to evolve Bidoof, hoping the Trolls would grow bored and leave. Gambling, Contests, even the Underground couldn't make the Trolls leave. Though they were growing frustrated enough to actively try to send Napoleon to every PC that he encountered in hopes of releasing Bibarel.

The Troll's goal was finally achieved at 8D 14:35:00, when Bidoof was released during an attempt to replace it with a PC Bibarel.

A mere 1 hour later, Chat captured a new Bibarel and taught it surf.


Although Trolls failed to stop the game entirely, with Platinum being beaten faster than Emerald was, they were still able to prevent many evolutions in the run. Golbat never became Crobat, and Shinx never once evolved.

However, the Troll Wars is notable due to it representing the start of the decline in trolling. Though a few accounts remain, they lost much of their power and influence following this and the eventual merger of Mobile and PC chats.


Some people believe that the trolls were spritomb souls that somehow escaped the Odd Keystone and messed with the voices. The Troll Wars themselves are considered to be the true voices attempting to resist the will of the spritomb souls and purge them from there ranks.

One theory is that Napoleon's negativity attracted the spritomb souls, however this theory is unproven.

Another belief is that the Trolls were fake Voices sent by Cyrus to hamper Napoleon's progress in order to give himself more time to capture the Lake Spirits.