The Streamer, also known as The Admin, was the person running the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream.


Little is known about the streamer, as he has kept his identity a secret. However, it is known that he is a male Australian and in his 20s. He also claimed to be a freelance programmer and a huge Pokémon fan.


Notable InteractionsEdit

  • Introduced Democracy mode during the attempt at the Rocket Hideout
    • Later reintroduced Anarchy after the Start 9 riot happened, thus introducing the Anarchy-Democracy tug-o-war system
  • Reverting the Red Stream to an earlier point after the game was restarted in the Soft Reset.
  • Introduced "Demarchy" mode, also known as Amber Mode and Lottery Mode.
    • Later reverted it to the countdown mode.
  • Reset the Crystal Stream after a new game was selected upon defeating the Elite Four
  • Inserted a timer near the end of the Crystal Stream, removing Democracy, and stating that the Emerald Stream won't happen if the game isn't beat before the timer runs out
  • Reverted Platinum Stream to an earlier save point after the Platinum Game Crash occurred.
  • Disabled the C-Gear in Pokemon Black because of its interference with the game's progress.
  • Took control of inputs to allow the stream to link with Arceus during the intermission playthough of Pokemon Conquest, allowing the stream to progress past the mini-game and complete the campaign.
  • Increased the chat's Slow Mode while the hivemind was stuck in the Plasma Frigate to allow them to enter a password without using Democracy mode.
  • Reverted the Anniversary Red stream to undo a glitch and hacked an Abra onto the team to undo another glitch.


The Streamer is usually depicted as an Arceus, the God of all Pokemon, and creator of the other gods. Prior to Pokemon Conquest, this connection didn't have any real significance. However, since then the Streamer is often depicted as helping the voices progress from the background in various minor but important ways such as slowing down the rate at which the voices could influence their current host.

Leaving the Channel Edit

On November 22nd 2017, the Streamer has stepped down from his position after community member stated that the Streamer was allegedly going dox them[1]. His position has now being handed to Aissurtievos.

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