Helixpedia Wiki
Nickname(s) "The Keeper"
Pokémon Species Drowzee
Level 30
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 2d 2h 37m
Attacks Pound, Headbutt, Disable, Confusion
Gender ♂ (fan consensus)

DROWZEE, more commonly known as the Keeper, was a Drowzee caught by Red at 2d 2h 37m.  He is most notably known for being stored in the PC next to Flareon and then stored again to open a slot in Red's party for Lord Helix after his revival from the Helix Fossil.


After the accidental releases of Abby and Jay Leno while trying to withdraw Eevee, the Keeper was stored next to newly-evolved Flareon in the PC.  Because of this, people began to say that the Drowzee was placed next to Flareon to hold the "False Prophet" imprisoned to prevent any more releases.


At one point, the Hivemind decided to try to grind the Keeper in Rock Tunnel while they were in Lavender Town; however, it was not very efficient and the most notable thing accomplished was the capture of two Zubats, X-Wing and Dashbat.

TPP Lore[]

The Keeper stands watch over Flareon in the PC

In most popular depictions, the Keeper was seen as the guard of Flareon's cell within the PC between the Release of Abby and Jay Leno and Flareon's eventual release.  This earned him his nickname, and gave him consideration amongst many, including the faithful of the Church of Helix as a chosen Pokémon of the Helix Fossil.

Later, Keeper was withdrawn from the PC and joined the active Pokémon on Red's quest.  However, once the team reached Cinnabar Island, Lord Helix was resurrected from the Helix Fossil but sent to the PC due to the party being full.  The player's moved Red towards the PC, in what would be the last exchange with Bill's PC system in Gen 1 to retrieve the newly arisen god.  In most accounts, the Keeper was chosen by Helix to re-enter the PC to allow for his release.  In an exchange with Keeper inside the PC as they were switched out, Lord Helix imparted a command for his chosen Guardian: to protect those trapped inside the PC.  Because of Keeper's knowledge of the PC from being stored in it before, it is believed that Lord Helix chose him to protect those weaker than him who were trapped in and irretrievable from the PC.

Gen 1 ended with the Keeper still inside the PC. His whereabouts are unknown as of now.  Some believe he is still contained within the bowels of the PC system, protecting the lost, carrying on his god's final order. Others believe that after the defeat of Blue at the end of Gen 1, Lord Helix was able to extend his power into the PC and release those trapped inside, including the Keeper.

An alternate theory has the Keeper working as an agent of the Voices, using his dream eating abilities to suppress Red's will and substitute the will of the Voices in its place. He saw Flareon as an obstacle to the will of the Voices and disposed of her accordingly.

Recently some theories have showed him as a evil creature, tricking Flareon the False Prophet to evolve into Flareon, thus making him inefficient, and giving the players another reason to hate him. He also was the one who killed all those inoccent pokemon in almost all the PC Shuffles, according to the theories. One of the best proofs about that is the thing that almost all pokemon who were sacrificed in the Bloody Sunday were Poison-Types, AKA weak to The Keeper's Psychic Typing. The theorists show him as the murderer of C3KO, Abby, Jay Leno, and causing all the deaths on the Bloody Sunday, until finally in that day, killing Digrat to avenge the Pokemon Tower. As almost instantly Drowzee forgot Psychic for Headbutt, he tried to stop Red, but then Digrat ruined his plan. Those are the things the theorists say.