Gold Silver Silver
Character Data
Age 13
Gender Male
Season Gen 2
Alignment Eagulou City
In-Game statistics
Title Thief, Warden
Status Alive

Silver is the rival of AJ in Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal and the son of Giovanni. His starter is Chikorita, which he stole from Professor Elm's lab.

In GameEdit

Silver is seen as a viable threat, more than Blue was to Red, and has actually won battles while AJ's team was at good health. His Gastly and its evolutions caused a good amount of grief to AJ, being able to curse LazorGator, to which eventually made him faint, allowing Silver to win. He also challenged AJ at the end of Victory Road, with AJ's team crippled from the trials before.

He attempted to single-handedly stop Team Rocket in Mahogany Town, but fled when Lance and AJ showed up.

He later returned in Run 19 (Pokemon Prism) as the Warden of Eagulou City, having successfully locked up a member of Team Rocket and Pallet Pink, a member of the antagonistic team Pallet Patrol. His Meganium had been replaced by Hitmontop. He gave Cyan a Star Badge and the Flash TM he had obtained from the Elder in Sprout Tower.


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