Nickname(s) "Shuck Norris", "Shuckakhan", "The Kraken"
Pokémon Species Shuckle
Level 27
Status Active
Acquired  ?d ?h ?m
Attacks Strength, Constrict, Wrap, Encore

Shuckie, also known as Shuck Norris, is a Shuckle that was "lent" to AJ by Maina during Gen 2.


Shuckie was part of AJ's team for much of the late Johto gameplay, but was ultimately deposited before the Elite Four were challenged and never retrieved.


The nickname "Shuck Norris" is based off of the famous American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris, who has gained a reputation on the internet for being invincible.



  • Although AJ never got around to returning Shuckie, others have once the save file was released. Upon returning him, his trainer noticed that Shuckie liked AJ alot, and decided to let AJ keep his former Pokemon.
    • This encounter and whether the player characters get to keep Shuckie or not is determined by the friendship value that Shuckie has. Because walking 256 steps in-game will raise the friendship value by one, the many thousands of extra steps the Hivemind take in comparison to a normal player's game gave AJ and Shuckie the friendship value needed.
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