Rocket Hideout
The Rocket Hideout is an underground complex located under the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. In Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, this place caused much grief, due to the spinner tiles in the maze, Digrat constantly digging out of the place, and the final boss at the end of it. It was because of the struggles here that Democracy was introduced into the stream.

The MazeEdit

The Maze section of the hideout is where most of the time was spent in the building. The maze was filled with spinner tiles that would propel Red, Alice and Abe in the direction the arrows were facing. Completing the maze required one to advance from one tile to the next in a very specific order. Due to the high traffic on the stream, and the twenty second lag, coordination of the maze became nearly impossible to do. The Mob spent an entire day trying to complete the maze, before the Streamer introduced Democracy mode to the stream, allowing them to finally get through the maze.

In Anniversary Red, this was one of the locations that received a Democracy timer. The Mob managed to get Abe through the maze in record time, which greatly amused the chat after they realized that they had forgotten to get the lift key and would have to repeat the entire process.


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