Professor Oak is the Pokemon Professor of the Kanto Region, and the grandfather of Blue and Daisy. He introduces Red, AJDWWNAlice, Aoooo, Abe and Baba to the world of Pokémon, and gives them their Pokédex. In Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, he gave Red and Blue their first Pokémon, while in Twitch Plays Pokemon FireRed he did the same for Alice and Green.

In Gen 1Edit

In game, Professor Oak made few appearances to both Red and AJ in person. However, when both trainers attempted to use various unusable items, Oak would comment on that, telling them "This isn't the time to use that!"

In the Anniversary Red runthrough, he made a surprise appearance as the final boss, battling Abe in the victory hall at Indigo Plateau. This was fueled by a desire to reclaim his lost prestige after he was fired by the Pokémon Academy for failing to complete his project in time. He had unwittingly allowed Abe to claim credit for completing the project which caused the Academy to replace Oak with him.

In Gen 2Edit

In Gen 3.5Edit

In Gen 4.5Edit