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Nickname(s) Prince Omelette”
Pokémon Species Togepi
Level 12
Status Lost (released)
Lost 3d 15h 24m
Attacks Metronome, Charm, Growl, Flash

Prince Omelette, sometimes referred to as Lord Omelette, is the Togepi that hatched from an egg that AJ received from Mr. Pokemon. Prince Omlette was later released during the conflict surrounding LazorGator.



AJ first obtained a Pokemon Egg containing Prince Omelette from Mr. Pokemon, and delivered it to Professor Elm. After AJ received his first badge, Elm had his assistant meet him at the Pokecenter in Violet City, where AJ would re-recieve the egg, given the task of hatching it on his travels.

It hatched on Route 32 at 12 hours, 10 minutes into the stream.

Release and Aftermath[]

Prince Omelette was the second Pokemon to succumb to the Gator Wars, and the third Pokemon to be released in general. His death is what began LazorGator's quest to defeat Red and Lord Helix, starting the "No Kings, No Gods, Only 'Mon" movement in the story.

Not long after his release, Professor Elm called AJ, unaware of the Prince's fate and asked about seeing it. Eventually, AJ made his way into Elm's Lab, where Elm asked where the Togepi was. To this day, AJ has yet to reveal to the professor what became of Omelette's fate; whether this is due to his own guilt or being too distracted by the Voices of the Mob to speak coherently is currently unknown.


Prince Omelette's name comes from the fact that he was hatched out of an egg under AJ's care. It also might stem from the fact that he is still in his shell, and is omelette-colored.


Because he hatched under AJ's care, and Togepi is considered a "baby" Pokemon, most players viewed him as a small child, placed directly under LazorGator's care and mentorship.

Many Anarchy supporters viewed him as the Gen 2 embodiment of anarchy, due to his move Metronome, which causes Omelette to attack with a random move from the total moveset in the game's library.

While Omelette's time in-game was short lived, it was perhaps his release (viewed as his death in most interpretations of the lore) that had the greatest impact on the story of Gen 2.