Nickname(s) "A9"
Pokémon Species Ponyta ♂
Level 32
Status Active
Acquired  ?d ?h ?m
Attacks Fire Spin, Stomp, Ember, Tail Whip

AAAAAAAAA, is a Ponyta AJ captured on the way to the Pokemon League.



Although AAAAAAAAA never recieved an official nickname, a running joke was that it was named so because it was always screaming due to being on fire.


The Sixth Slot DebateEdit

Although Ponyta never made it onto the team, a portion of the hivemind wanted to have Ponyta replace Ace on the team in the the Open Slot. Their reasoning was that the Raticate on the team was not very useful, and that a fire type Pokemon would help diversify the team up. Those opposed to the idea of having Ponyta argued that it was one of the worst fire types in the game, and that it would be useless when traveling through Kanto, especially if Red ended up having his team from the previous stream, which ended up being true.


  • Ponyta's name, AAAAAAAAA, is shared by Red's Nidoking.
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