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The Platinum Game Crash was an event on Day 13 of Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum, where the stream experienced its first total game crash. The game was left in this state for several hours before being restored.


Approximately 10 hours into Day 13, while lying in a bed for unknown reasons, the Mob decided to save the game. Though the cause is not known, this save led to the game crashing mid-save. This left the Mob in a fearful position: "Would everything be okay?" "Would the recent lore developments all be erased from history?" "Would this crash be impossible to recover from?"

After nearly 7 hours in this state, the game was paused by The Streamer and a previous save state was loaded. The game resumed without much of a hitch, but as a result 23 Pokémon and one egg were lost as the save state loaded was before those events occurred.


Although the Lore is not clearly established yet, it seems one of two things is true about this crash. Either someone reset the timeline, or the crash is simply not part of the lore at all. Three common theories are:

  1. Because this happened after Napoleon first lost to Cyrus, Cyrus defeated Giratina and forced the timeline to reset so Napoleon could stop him.
  2. Due to the events of the 006-Flareon romance, someone (possibly even Shinx) reset the timeline in an attempt to wipe that moment from history. They failed.
  3. The crash didn't actually happen, rather the events between the recovered Save State and the Crash were merely dreams of Napoleon.

The crash is also interpreted by some as Napoleon being trapped in a coma.


In total, 23 Pokémon and one egg were lost in the reset. This now stands as the largest one-day body count in TPP history, nearly doubling the death count from Bloody Sunday .

  • Level 20 Hoothoot, Unnamed.
  • Level 24 Roselia, Unnamed.
  • Level 26 Psyduck, Unnamed.
  • Level 18 Geodude, A004G000N
  • Level 19 Staravia, 000 0, 6G*
  • Level ?? Ponyta, Unnamed.
  • Level 16 Meditite, Unnamed.
  • Level 32 Clefairy, V 000p0☀(
  • Level 33 Meditite, 000000000
  • Level 35 Snover, 00--☀☀☀ ☀
  • Level 32 Snover, 000PC0w000
  • Level 32 Snover, 10600001&☀
  • Level 20 Ponyta, 000P☀000
  • Level 30 Machoke, Unnamed.
  • Level 27 Swablu, Unnamed.
  • Level 14 Meditite, Unnamed.
  • Level 33 Snover, Unnamed.
  • Level 14 Bronzor, Unnamed.
  • Level ?? Meditite, 0G0GG
  • Level 33 Meditite, Unnamed.
  • Level 35 Snover, Unnamed.
  • Level 33 Snover, M
  • Level 34 Sneasel, A00000000
  • Level 1 Budew Egg (Parents: Sunbrella and Level 24 Roselia)