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The PC Shuffle is a term given to periods of time where little is accomplished and the stream merely moves their party around within the PC. Usually, releases are performed in the midst of a Shuffle. PC Shuffles usually occur when trying to retrieve a Pokemon deemed desirable or necessary or when trying to deposit a Pokemon that is deemed useless or detrimental to the success of the party.


The first widespread use of the phrase 'PC Shuffle' was during Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald, and has continued since then. However, that is not to say that PC Shuffles did not occur in Gens 1 and 2. In fact, what is likely the longest continuous and certainly most dangerous PC Shuffle was Bloody Sunday, during Twitch Plays Pokemon Red.


PC Shuffles can vary greatly in length. For example, Bloody Sunday was roughly 9 hours of near-continuous PC usage. In contrast, the Gator Wars were over 20 hours in which uses of the PC were separated by periods of regular gameplay.

PC Shuffles can be as short as the Release of Abby and Jay Leno or the Release of C3KO, both less than 45 minutes, or as prolonged as Bloody Sunday or the Gator Wars. Or, they can be very short and heavily conflict driven, such as Ponyta Deposit Shuffle, which was under 20 minutes, but a lot of people wanted the Mr. Mime gone for good. Some others wanted Ponyta deposited/released.

PC Shuffles[]

Name Run Conflict-driven? Time Number of Releases Notable Releases
Kakuna PC War Anniversary Red Yes 3d 2h 24m - 3d 23h 59m 16 Growleerzard, Kakuna
Cinnabar PC Shuffle Anniversary Red No 14d 16h 34m - 14d 21h 19m 13 Jigglypuff, Lapras
Bloody Sunday Red No 10d 8h 17m - 10d 17h 14m 12 Cabbage, Dux, Digrat
Murder Monday Black Yes 1d 13h 25m - 1d 14h 43m 5 The Commander
Fatal Friday Black Yes 5d 6h 1m - 5d 12h 31m 5 Tirtouga, Lillil
Slaughter Saturday Omega Ruby Yes 0d 12h 14m - 0d 17h 45m 4 Scarface
Withdrawal of Lord Helix Red No 11d 10h 44m - 11d 11h 28m 3 Macho Man
The Gator Wars Crystal Yes 2d 21h 14m - 3d 18h 24m 3 Prince Omelette, Wooper Goldberg
The Second Great PC War Platinum Yes 0d 5h 22m - 0d 19h 35m 3 Chimchar, Oreo
Release of Abby and Jay Leno Red No 4d 8h 41m - 4d 8h 54m 2 Abby, Jay Leno
The First Great PC War Emerald Yes 7d 14h 51m - 7d 20h 48m 2 Dottie, Oddish (Emerald)

Minor PC Shuffles[]

Name Run Conflict-driven?† Time Number of Releases/Deposits Notable Releases/Deposits
Ponyta Deposit Shuffle Anniversary Red Yes 16d 20h 20 min - 16d 20h 40 min 2 (1 Deposit, 1 release) Ponyta (Was deposited), Caterpie (released)
C3KO withdrawal attempt Red No 6d 22h 32m - 6d 22h 55m 2 C3KO, X-Wing

†This column denotes whether the PC Shuffle was primarily caused by factions within the stream with conflicting interests. For example, Bloody Sunday was driven not by conflict but by the captured Zapdos in the PC; on the other hand, the Gator Wars were caused by differing opinions on how to deal with LazorGator's overlevelling.