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Nickname(s) "Oxxy Ozzworm," "The Wizard of Ozz"
Pokémon Species Metapod
Level 7 (when left in Daycare), 55 (post-run)
Status Active
Attacks Tackle, Harden, String Shot

 Oxxy Ozzworm is a Metapod caught by AJ in Generation 2 of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Personality/Lore []

Affectionally termed "Prince of Darkness" and attributed with great Metal skills due to its move 'String shot'. Many also warned of its release (which never happened), alluding to the scene in the anime where Ash releases his Caterpie.  

However as a weak pokemon, by mid-game Oxxy Ozzworm went fairly unnoticed by the hivemind.  

After being deposited at the daycare along with Zubat, there were two interpretations regarding what exactly went on in there. The first interpretation was that Oxxy bit off Zubat's head, in parallel with the real Ozzy Osburne who did so with a live bat during a concert in 1982. The second interpretation, illustrated in a post by redditor funfwf, was of a more lurid nature, playing upon Oxxy's moves of 'Harden' and 'String shot', along with Zubat's characteristic open mouth.  

Meanwhile, Back at the Daycare... By Reddit user funfwf:


  • Oxxy Ozzworm is a reference to musician Ozzy Osbourne, former singer for the band Black Sabbath.
  • Wizard of Ozz is a reference to the musical The Wizard of Oz