The Order of the b Knights is an unofficial community within the player community of Twitch Plays Pokemon.
B knights 2
While they are not part of an organized group, b Knights do share a common purpose, and are comprised of all types of TPP players, including members from the different religions and political affiliations.


A b Knight is any player who actively works to prevent the accidental release of a Pokémon by spamming the 'b' command any time Bill's PC is accidentally accessed, as well as to undermine the efforts of 'Start' trolls. This action became popular after the Release of Abby and Jay Leno during the Gen 1 playthrough, when both Abby and Jay Leno were accidentally released in a botched attempt to remove Flareon (The False Prophet) from the PC.

The Great FailureEdit

The Order suffered its greatest failure on Bloody Sunday, when despite attempts my many players to prevent it, twelve Pokémon were released, including fan favorites Dux, Cabbage, and Digrat. This event was a major blow to players who consider themselves to be part of the order.

Continuation into Generation 2Edit

b Knights continued to be prevalent in Gen 2,  despite the heartbreaking releases of a few Pokémon, including The Admiral, Prince Omelette, and Colonel N. During the Gator Wars, b Knights, along with pro-Gator players, were able to prevent the release of LazorGator, despite repeated attempts by trolls and anti-Gator players to release him. It is assumed that the Order will continue to exist in Gen 3 (Pokemon Emerald), as a majority of members of the TPP community dislike the releasing of Pokémon, accidental or otherwise.

Lore InterpretationEdit

B knights
There is currently no true lore interpretation of the Order.  b Knights are represented by members of various sub-communities, including followers of the Fossil-based religions and different political affiliations. Often these groups are at odds together, but b Knights actively work for the common goal shared by most groups, to prevent the release of Pokémon.

Some members of the Church of Helix like to stake ownership over the Order, by associating b Knights with the will or divine purpose of Lord Helix. However, followers of the Dome Fossil and the Old Amber deny these claims. Most members of the community agree that the b Knights exist as part of The Hivemind, and exist outside of the TPP canon.