Helixpedia Wiki
Lord Helix
Nickname(s) Lord Helix
Pokémon Species Omanyte
Level Lol
Status Traded Away
Acquired 0d 2h 59m
Attacks Constrict, Rock Smash, Water Gun, Bite

Lord Helix, (not to be confused with the one from TPP Red), is an Omanyte that was traded by his previous trainer Alyssa to Li'l d.

He has a Modest nature, is holding a Sail Fossil, and has Shell Armor as an ability.


At the begging of the universe, there was nothing, no generations, not any thing except a fossil. No one knows how it got there or who put it there but all we know is that it had been there for a really long time and it looked like a shell, a spiral shell. Today it is know as an helix fossil. Something happened, magically water came out of the shell and created arms and legs to make a physical body.Then the water squirted out to make a porataland he fell in then his body was soild. He ended up on the other side of the universe. Right next to a golden ball of light, this was the first thing that helix saw and right away he hated it. It was what we call the sun.