Ledges are obstacles in the Pokémon games that players can jump over, usually for shortcut purposes. Once jumped over, they cannot be crossed in the reverse direction. In Twitch Plays Pokemon, this obstacle caused a lot of grief for the mob, as they would often cross over at critical times, erasing hours of progress in seconds.

Frustration with ledges and the time it takes the Mob to navigate them, especially in areas with multiple ledges in close proximity or narrow paths right above a ledge, often led to demands for Democracy and arguments to deal with them. In addition, at least three times the Ledge Bot emerged to force the stream through a particularly difficult or troublesome ledge section, much to the irritation and worry of the Mob. Down trolls are also prevalent during ledge navigation attempts.

Noteworthy LedgesEdit


  • Route 1 Ledge (cleared 5 times, at most 5 hours)
  • Viridian City Pokémon Center Ledge
  • Mt. Moon Entrance Ledge
  • Route 9 Ledge (cleared 2 times, at most 14 hours)
  • Route 5 Pokémon Day Care Ledge
  • Viridian City Gym Ledge
  • Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo (cleared 3 times, at most 1 hour)



Randomized Fire RedEdit


  • Mt. Coronet
  • The Distortion World Ledge

Randomized HeartGoldEdit

Anniversary RedEdit

  • Route 22 ledge