The Ledge Bot in action, spamming the "down" command.


The exultations of the (suspected) Ledge Bot after successfully navigating one of the ledge routes.

The Ledge Bot was a suspected bot programmer who appeared during the navigation of Route 9 in Kanto in Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal.

The First EncounterEdit

While navigating Route 9's ledge maze, Twitch ticked over into Democracy. Sometime during that democratic turn, a series of highly-coordinated, complex inputs swiftly took over the chat, navigating AJ near-flawlessly through the maze and depositing him outside the dangerous area. Several users, in unison, proclaimed "You're Welcome!", and the chat was immediately returned to Anarchy.

In retaliation, the Mob immediately jumped back over the nearest ledge into the maze, intending to navigate it legitimately. But again, bots take over and navigate AJ back to the end of the ledge maze.

The stream goes offline for around 30 minutes. After this, bots once again hijack the stream during Democracy, bringing AJ all the way to the power plant, the myriad voices exclaiming "Finally". The Mob eventually gives up legitimately navigating the ledge.

Repercussions of BotsEdit

The fear of bot takeover of the Twitch chat has many side-effects. In addition to being able to completely take over the stream, it effectively turned every Democracy turn into a Dictatorship instead, with the bots' controller in complete command. While this particular botter was simply being "helpful", navigating semi-difficult mazes for the Mob, a particularly malicious one could, instead, take us to the PC and release all our Pokemon, or run us through several battles and intentionally lose, resulting in more whiteouts, more lost money, and/or being sent to a far-off Pokemon Center after battle.

Requests, demands, and pleas to the stream's anonymous host requested the removal and/or banning of the bots. It is unknown whether or not these have been answered, or if the Ledge Bot or one of his/her cousins will return.


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