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This article is about the Omastar caught in Twitch Plays Pokemon HeartGold. For the Omastar revived from the Helix Fossil in Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, see Omastar (Lord Helix).
Nickname(s) "Helix", "Lard Helix"
Pokémon Species Omastar
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 11d 17h 56m
Attacks Muddy Water, Water Pulse, Surf, Water Spout

OMASTAR, better known as Lard Helix, is a Pokemon caught by aoooo in Randomized HeartGold.

He has a Quirky nature, and is "mischievous". He has Thick Fat as an ability.


Omastar has no in-game nickname but is often simply called 'Helix', given TPP's past history.  Due to this and his ability Thick Fat, Omastar began to be called Lard Helix. This is also a play-on-words with regards to the original Lord Helix.


Despite being caught late in the HeartGold run through and being comparatively underleveled, the Hivemind was determined to level Lard Helix and he quickly became one of the team's most powerful Pokémon and then their second level 100.


  • Lard Helix has surpassed both Lord Helix's final in-game level of 52 from Red and his modified level of 75 on Mt. Silver in Crystal.
    • This is a much larger gap than the levels at which each Omastar was received. Lord Helix was revived at Level 30 as an Omanyte; Lard Helix was caught at Level 35 as an Omastar.
  • Lard Helix is the second Pokémon in TPP to reach Level 100; the first was M4 in Emerald.  His teammate, The Oracle, joined him at level 100 just hours later.
  • Lard Helix would also be known as L@rd Helix, for those that wanted both "Lord" and "Lard" in the same word.