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GYMC, known mostly as Jimmy C., is the protagonist of TwitchPlaysPokémon Black and the player controlled character. He was born in Nuvema Town in the Unova region. When he started his journey (picking Tepig as his starter), Jimmy began to become controlled by The Voices like others before him. He beat all of the Gym Leaders of Unova, the Elite Four, and Alder, the Champion, making him the new Unova League Champion.


The lore sets Jimmy as a fanboy of the voices and their previous hosts, and absolutely overjoyed that he was selected. He is naturally full of energy and is very loud, but he is depicted as a loner, neglected adolescent, completely unsure of himself with only two friends prior to attaining host status. Even now his behavior is probably a façade to his more fragile personality, sharing this trait with D. He is also often depicted as a video game addict or a pro gamer.

Early in his journey he was given the C-Gear, that had access to the Entralink , a sort of virtual reality that due to the trolls lead him to get trapped on it. This lead to Fennel being depicted as a mad genius who wants to store people on her Entralink like a PC. Her character was later far more developed as an insane homicidal maniac. Fortunately, the C-Gear was disabled by the Streamer soon after.

His favor on the voices is on incomparable levels, and he went as far as releasing his starter (a fire type, again) and nearly his entire party twice.

In interactions with other hosts no one but Aoooo (and AJ to an extent) can stand his overly energetic personality, particularly the short tempered CLY and Napoleon who respond violently to him, exposing his more timid and vulnerable persona for a short moment.


  • He is the only protagonist who has not entered the Hall of Fame untill the revisit, as Black ended shortly after the defeat of Ghetsis.
  • No pokemon in his party ever evolved (However his team evolved during the revisit), despite so, he managed to beat the elite four, N and Ghetsis  (the last two in his first try) in a time record only beaten by D (who had a extremely powerful party)
    • In response of this, the Streamer modified the ROMs of all future games to force evolution.
  • His character development is one of the most profound in the games, rivaling Napoleon's. His personality has been deep-fully explored, both his fragile inner self and his more explosive, and common being.
    • This has led to some interesting opinion of him from the community; he had nearly no fanbase behind him when his own game ended, but since he has gained a very sizeable favoritism due to the realization of his personality and deep development. Due to this is often referred as "underrated".
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