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This page will serve as a hub available for easy viewing and comparison of the notable Pokemon of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

If a Pokemon was in the Hall of Fame in Gen I and at Mt Silver during Gen II, their Hall of Fame levels are listed.

If a Pokemon has multiple nicknames, and none is considered more prominent than the others, its species name will be listed.


Index of Notable Pokemon
Nickname Name Species Trainer Level Status
Abby ABBBBBBK( Charmeleon Red 34 Released
Jay Leno JLVWNNOOOO Rattata Red 13 Released
Bird Jesus aaabaaajss Pidgeot Red 69 Hall of Fame
Zapdos AA-j Zapdos Red 81 Hall of Fame
Air AIIIIIIRRR Lapras Red 31 Hall of Fame
ATV AATTVVV Venomoth Red 39 Hall of Fame
The Fonz AAAAAAAAAA Nidoking Red 54 Hall of Fame
Lord Helix OMASTAR Omastar Red 52 Hall of Fame
The Keeper DROWZEE Drowzee Red 30 PC
Rick Gastly GASTLY Gastly Red 50 Daycare
Digrat AAJST(???? Raticate Red 29 Released
C3KO CCC Hitmonlee Red 30 Released
Cabbage x(araggbaj Gloom Red 31 Released
Dux DUX Farfetch'd Red 31 Released
The False Prophet FLAREON Flareon Red 25 Released
Lazorgator AAAAAtttta Feraligatr AJ 85 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Brian BBBBBD Pidgeot AJ 64 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Solid Snake AAJRR RRR Steelix AJ 73 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Burrito AAAS RJ-1 Espeon AJ 54 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Katie KT Dragonite AJ 63 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Prince Omelette TOGEPI Togepi AJ 12 Released
The Admiral VV Sentret AJ 7 Released
Ace A Raticate AJ 39 PC / Hall of Fame
Oxxy Ozzworm OXXOZZ -: Metapod AJ 55 Daycare
M4 M ---/'/'4 Azumarill A (Emerald) 100 Hall of Fame
Zexy  zyyxyy Torchic A (Emerald) 38 Released
5'7" -5"'7"Y Graveler A (Emerald) 68 Hall of Fame
GJKLFFZ GJKLFFZ Tentacruel A (Emerald) 80 Hall of Fame
Mightyena MIGHTYENA Mightyena A (Emerald) 50 Hall of Fame
Cabbage the White VILEPLUME Vileplume A (Emerald) 49 Hall of Fame
Annie A♀NIIIIc33 Hariyama A (Emerald) 78 Hall of Fame
Birdcop BDCIOPP Wingull A (Emerald) 26 Released
Dottie . TT Ninjask A (Emerald) 22 Released
Shedinja SHEDINJA Shedinja A (Emerald) 22 PC
Hyperbug AATUUUUNN Masquerain Alice 58 Hall of Fame
Sandsplash SANDSLASH Sandslash Alice 63 Hall of Fame
Shellock Holmes TTABCIJIJD Blastoise Alice 50 Hall of Fame
Karl Marcs MARC Mew Alice 57 Hall of Fame
DJ CCCDJCCCC5 Slaking Alice 66 Hall of Fame
Hijinks hnjkrs Machop Alice 12 PC
Caveman QUAGSIRE Quagsire Alice 23 PC
Chairman Meow ZDNNNG Skitty Alice 39 PC
Altareon ALTARIA Altaria Alice 54 Hall of Fame
Chimchar CHIMCHAR Chimchar Napoleon 15 Released
Oreo 1 00RR0000 Bidoof Napoleon 3 Released
nppmwB9◊Im nppmwB9◊Im Bidoof Napoleon 45 Released
Sunbrella !☂!!☀! !:1 Roserade Napoleon 71 Hall of Fame
Flareon (Platinum) FLAREON Flareon Napoleon 97 Hall of Fame
Agent 006 00 00 006 Bibarel Napoleon 93 Hall of Fame
Bronzong BRONZONG Bronzong Napoleon 63 Hall of Fame
Sunshine 0"☀ ☀0☀☺ ☹ Shinx Napoleon 68 Hall of Fame
Moonbat GOLBAT Golbat Napoleon 54 Hall of Fame
KK♀ROOOY' KK♀ROOOY Togepi Napoleon 48 PC
Kenya KENYA Groudon Aoooo 51


Lord Armor BASTIODON Bastiodon Aoooo 89 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Lord Skull 6 ♦'j B Rampardos Aoooo 71 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
The Oracle xrr♂ ♦ Xatu Aoooo 100 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Treesus A Sudowoodo Aoooo 80 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Trumprava , Vibrava Aoooo 86 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Lard Helix OMASTAR Omastar Aoooo 100 Hall of Fame / Mt Silver
Diglight ☺ ☀ ((GG6W Diglett Aoooo 15 PC
Isaac 63AAIAACC! Jigglypuff Aoooo 14 PC
Egoraptor 3g001 1 Larvtitar Aoooo 31 PC
Diamondback 85G52 2♦ Ekans Aoooo 25 PC
The Commander TEPIG Tepig Jimmy 21 Released
Lily LILLIL Petilil Jimmy 41 Released
Lord Cover TIRTOUGA Tirtouga Jimmy 36 Released
Pansage mbbqUU FG Pansage Jimmy 27 Released


Tympole Jimmy 64 Hall of Fame
Fives 5 Deerling Jimmy 63 Hall of Fame
Sparky "*** Joltik Jimmy 69 Hall of Fame
Dru DRU Druddigon Jimmy 68 Hall of Fame
Mega Henry aMH Zebstrika Jimmy 75 Hall of Fame
4Q QQQQ Tranquill Jimmy 56 Hall of Fame
Bird Moses PIDOVE Pidove Jimmy 34 PC


wg2gnxgrrr Venipede Jimmy 32 PC
F-30 F3O3OO3OGO Pidove Jimmy 44 PC
Umbrellagator U2E!☂☂☂M☂’ Feraligatr CLY 100 Hall of Fame
Zoroark Zoroark Zoroark CLY 100 Hall of Fame
Wilbur VVUU Emboar CLY 100 Hall of Fame
Zenny zzffzz zzw Leavanny CLY 100 Hall of Fame
Quaffle qfwwqhhzwu Unfezant CLY 100 Hall of Fame
Aipom J AEEEEOPM.J Sceptile CLY 99 Hall of Fame
Growleerzard Charizard Charizard Abe 50 Released
Leech King -? Parasect Abe 100 Released