Nickname(s) "Hyperbug", "Tuna"
Pokémon Species Masquerain
Level 58
Status Active
Acquired 0d 1h 29m
Attacks Fly, Hyper Beam, Leech Life, Aerial Ace

AATUUUUNN is a Masquerain that Alice caught on Route 1 as a Surskit. He was A's first caught Pokemon.

He has a Careful nature, and Insomnia as an ability.


TPP Hyperbug

Hyperbug's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Hyperbug was captured early in the run,and survived an early PC Shuffle in order to become the replacement for Hijinks in the party. After much debate over evolving him, considering his Surskit form had Volt Absorb to negate his Electric-type weakness, Hyperbug was finally allowed to evolve into Masquerain. The evolution began a steady decline in relevance in the party, though Hyperbug stuck around to be entered into the Hall of Fame.


One of AATUUUUNN's more common names, "Hyperbug", is derived from the move Hyper Beam that wild Surskit around Route 1 start off with, and the fact that it is a Bug type.

"Tuna" is from the in-game nickname, AATUUUUNN.



  • When AATUUUUNN was first caught, he didn't have a nickname.
  • As a Surskit, AATUUUUNN had Volt Absorb as an ability, and held an Aspear Berry when he was caught.
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