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The Helix Wars is an ongoing battle between whether Lady Helix and all other Helixes should be released or not. The players going along with the Galaxy Lore and trolls want them gone, while a majority of the other players want them to stay.


The Helix Wars started when Joseph traded us an Omanyte named Lady Helix for the party's Scatterbug. However, the Scatterbug was also considered Scatterstar of the Galaxy Lore, which caused a spark between the Galaxy Lore players and Joseph. The trolls also wanted Lady Helix gone, but not for the reason Galaxy Lore players were, but rather just to hinder progress. In lore, the group desiring her release was turned into Queen Moon wanting to have her servants get rid of her, while she commanded them in the Day Care.

Lord Helix[]

Lord Helix heard about the war, and knew he had to put an end to it, so he lost some weight and went into X in his new form through Alyssa, to try and put an end to Queen Moon. He and Lady Helix went into the PC, while holding Starworm hostage. He did this so that Starworm had the same chance as being released as Lady Helix did, and so the mother would stop attempting to get them killed for the sake of her child. However, this only made the Queen wanted all Helixes dead, even the god she used to worship, similar to LazorGator.

Space & Assassins[]

Queen Moon directed Dipper to take the party into the 7th Gym, which by Galaxy Lore is space. The reason for this was to to get them prepared for the downfall of Helix. If they could survive space, they could survive anything. Lord Helix knew nothing was going to stop Queen Moon from accomplishing her goals, so he sent an assassin to go take care of her. The assassin was a Hawlucha, who was sent to the Day Care, where Queen Moon was.

The Trading of the Helixes[]

Both Lord and Lady Helix were released, seen as Queen Moon killing them out of revenge, bringing the true death to Lord Helix. Although they were technically traded away, they are in a state of being impossible to be recovered, identical to a release. Lord Helix was finally dead, giving god status to Queen Moon, the one who put him to rest.


Lord and Lady Helix were both killed without harm towards Starworm. Assassin, now out of a job, works for Queen Moon. Queen Moon, having killed Lord Helix, is now a God herself. Otherwise, the adventure is now, once again, calm.