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Helix (also known as Lord HelixHelix Fossil, and Mighty Helix) is recognized as a major god in TPP Lore by the majority of players. He originally appeared in Season 1 as the Helix Fossil, an item obtained in Mt. Moon that could be brought to life into an Omanyte.

Appearance and Worship[]

The Helix in its dormant form.

After the Helix Fossil was found in Mt. Moon, because of the Key Item mechanic in the first generation of Pokemon games, accessing the item menu would make it appear, although it could not do anything. Because of this, many players began to see the Helix as a way to guide the player, similar to the Magic Conch Shell in SpongeBob SquarePants. 


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Many players established a religion worshipping the Helix, often dubbed Helixism. Although the details of Helixism are debated and vary widely from worshipper to worshipper, the majority of Helixists support anarchy, fight against democracy, and exclaim "Praise Helix!" often. Helixism evolved greatly during the first season, and some community members have named the evolved form of the religion New Helixism.

As Omanyte and Omastar[]

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On 11d 10h 35m, Helix was revived and became Omanyte. Omanyte continued to be addressed as Helix, and he stayed on the team for the rest of season 1.

Although much of Helix's activities were unknown during season 2, it is likely that he trained with Red because he appeared as a Level 75 Omastar during the final battle on Mt. Silver.


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Lord Helix was finally killed in the Helix Wars by Queen Moon, as revenge for Lady Helix causing the death of her son. This caused Queen Moon to become a god, to replace Helix.

It is highly unexpected Lord Helix will be revived, considering the fact his death was finally caused in a trade. And, if the Helix Fossil is chosen in another playthrough, it will most likely not be considered Lord Helix himself, as LazorGator didn't technically cause Helix's death by normal standards, as a Pokemon fainting is not usually considered death, but a release is. And a trade is the same as a release, because a trade is a state of being unable to be recovered, which is also what a release is.

Possible Rebirth[]

Despite several setbacks, Athena chose the Helix Fossil over the Dome Fossil, something that had not occurred since Red had done so at the start. Lore might consider it Helix.


DeviantArt: "TPP Lord Helix" by Ruina

DeviantArt: "The Almighty Helix" by GeminiSaint-FM