Giovanni is the boss of Team Rocket, and the eigth and final gym leader in Kanto. He has proven himself as a dangerous foe, as he has successfully defeated Red on each of his in game appearances.

He is the father of Silver in Generation 2 and 4 in Generation 4.5.

He replaced Bill as the primary antagonist of the series, having agents placed throughout the region and access to the PC system. Initially, he tried to recruit Abe several times, seeing him as a potential protégé due to the high amount of Ground-type Pokémon that he had as well as admiring Abe's apparent courage. After repeated defeats, he had his agents at the Battle Tent steal Abe's Pokémon in retaliation at the multiple rejections. When Abe changed his party to include no Ground-type Pokémon, Giovanni grew upset, and after being defeated by the youth one last time, went into hiding.


  • His base in the Rocket Game Corner was named "Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride" due to the frustrating nature of the spin tiles that kept Red and Abe trapped for several hours.
  • He was replaced by the League PC, a computer designed by Blaine for the express purpose of rematching during the Anniversary Red post-game, due to Giovanni's affiliations with Team Rocket and disappearance.


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