Day 1 - The Adventure BeginsEdit

Due to the experimental nature of Twitch Plays Pokemon at the onset, and because of initial low viewer counts as people were "discovering" TPP, very little record exists on what occured during this time.

Day 1, especially before 0d 9h, is largely unknown, with a viewer average of around 30-50 viewers for most of the day. The game started with the player character named RED and the rival character named BLUE. Red chose Charmander as his starter, and later, Oak's Parcel was delivered from Viridian City (which is also the location of the first ledge obstacle that the chat had trouble with). Red reached Pewter City after breezing through Viridian Forest. During this time, 4chan and then GBAtemp started picking up on the stream. Brock was defeated in a second try due to Abby having the attack Ember and better coordination with less players. For several hours after Brock's defeat, the small mob controlling Red, largely comprised of 4chan, struggled in Kanto Route 3 and Mt. Moon. A Pidgey, who would later become known as Bird Jesus, was caught on Route 3 during this time. The day ended with the IRC bot dying while the Streamer was sleeping, which led to the game being static for several hours.

  • [00d 00h 00m 00s]: Started the game
  • [??]: Selected ABBBBBBK( (Abby), as the starter
  • [??]: Defeated Blue
  • [??]: Entered Viridian City, obtained Oak's Parcel
  • [??]: Delivered Oak's Parcel
  • [??]: Returned to Viridian City
  • [??]: Bought two Poké Balls
  • [??]: Entered Viridian Forest
  • [??]: Threw both Poké Balls at a trainer's Caterpie
  • [??]: Entered Pewter City
  • [00d 09h 37m 00s]: First known mention on 4chan's /vp/ board with a screenshot inside Brock's gym [1]
  • [00d 09h 57m 47s]: Brock challenged for the first time
  • [00d 10h 12m]: First known mention outside of 4chan, in GBAtemp [2]
  • [00d 10h 40m 36s]: Brock is defeated
  • [00d 11h 49m 30s]: Abby learned Bide, replacing Ember
  • [00d 13h 45m 36s]: Inside Mt. Moon for the first time
  • [00d 14h 18m 58s]: Blacked out
  • Before [00d 14h 52m 03s]: Bird Jesus is caught (originally known as PIDGEY)
  • Before [00d 14h 52m 03s]: Entered Mt. Moon
  • Before [00d 16h 11m 55s]: Abby evolves into Charmeleon
  • [00d 16h 11m 55s]: Blacked out
  • [00d 16h 29m 30s]: Tossed Antidote
  • Before [00d 16h 51m 04s]: Entered Mt. Moon
  • [00d 16h 51m 04s]: 54 viewers/players
  • [00d 17h 43m 55s]: The Streamer's IRC bot crashes, freezing/breaking command inputs

            META EVENTS

Day 2 - Of Gods and MonsEdit

After the Helix Fossil was obtained and Mt. Moon being cleared for the first time, Red blacked out after Abby was poisoned, before he could reach Cerulean City. This required the mob going through Mt. Moon again.

After finally reaching Cerulean City, the mob now had another challenge: Misty. Due to the Water type advantage over Fire, they struggled fighting Misty.

During this time, soon-to-be fan-favorite Pokémon Jay Leno was caught. Bird Jesus (Pidgey) evolved into Pidgeotto as well.

Misty was finally defeated after 8 hours of struggle and 11 tries, gaining Red his second badge.

The stream then moved on to save Bill from his teleportation mix up, inadvertently helping a character that would become the source of so much dread due to his creation of the PC system, famous for releasing Pokémon.  Finally, another Rattata was added to the party, one that would soon earn his own name and place in history as Digrat. Red heads to his next destination: Vermilion City.

  • Around [01d 01h 09m]: Inputs working again, Red is unfrozen
  • Before [01d 05h 24m 48s]: The Moon Stone and Helix Fossil were obtained.
  • [01d 05h 24m 48s]: 4chan thread created on /v/, 20 viewers. The viewer count begins to climb rapidly
  • [01d 05h 56m 52s]: 124 viewers/players
  • [01d 06h 19m 53s]: 300 viewers/players.
  • Before [01d 06h 23m 45s]: Mt. Moon is cleared
  • Before [01d 06h 23m 45s]: Blacked out back to Route 3 due to Abby being poisoned
  • [01d 06h 38m 46s]: 1,000 viewers/players.
  • [01d 06h 43m 10s]: Second known mention outside of 4chan, on GameFAQs boards [3]
  • [01d 06h 56m 39s]: First known mention on Reddit [4]
  • [01d 07h 02m 01s]: Second known mention on Reddit [5]
  • [01d 07h 04m 14s]: TM12 Water Gun tossed
  • [01d 07h 04m 44s]: First screenshot of Day 2 and earliest known screenshot with a time stamp. 1,732 viewers/players
  • [01d 07h 14m 02s]: First known video of TPP. [6]
  • [01d 07h 20m 16s]: Stream blackout. Returns a few minutes later with stream clock reset to 01d 07h 10m 45s
  • [01d 07h 48m 18s]: Documented chat logs of TPP begin [7]
  • [01d 08h 10m 22s]: Entered and immediately exited Mt. Moon
  • [01d 08h 23m 06s]: Second known video of TPP. [8]
  • [01d 08h 33m 43s]: Entered and immediately exited Mt. Moon again
  • [01d 08h 47m 37s]: Entered Mt. Moon, fought a Zubat and exited
  • [01d 08h 55m 12s]: Attempted to buy Magikarp in Route 3 Pokémon Center without enough money
  • [01d 09h 01m 47s]: Entered Mt. Moon for the last time
  • [01d 09h 50m 35s]: Mt. Moon cleared
  • [01d 09h 59m 03s]: Entered Cerulean City
  • [01d 10h 09m 17s]: Healed at Cerulean City Pokémon Center
  • [01d 10h 14m 05s]: 3,345 viewers/players
  • [01d 10h 29m 38s]: Blacked out fighting Misty (1st)
  • [01d 11h 00m 54s]: Blacked out fighting Blue on Nugget Bridge
  • [01d 11h 08m 12s]: Defeated Blue
  • [01d 11h 18m 02s]: Blacked out
  • [01d 11h 24m 14s]: Bought two Poké Balls
  • [01d 11h 25m 48s]: Twitch saved broadcasts begin, beginning TPP documentation
  • [01d 11h 32m 27s]: Caught JLVWNNOOOO, Jay Leno, the Rattata.
  • [01d 11h 48m]: Blacked out fighting Misty (2nd)
  • [01d 14h 05m]: Blacked out fighting Misty (3rd)
  • [01d 14h 23m]: Bird Jesus evolves into Pidgeotto.
  • [01d 14h 39m]: Blacked out fighting Misty (4th)
  • [01d 15h 16m]: Blacked out fighting Misty (5th)
  • [01d 15h 57m]: Stream blackout
  • [01d 15h 58m]: Stream back up
  • [01d 16h 04m]: Blacked out fighting Misty (6th)
  • [01d 16h 30m]: Blacked out fighting Misty (7th)
  • [01d 16h 55m 33s]: Tossed Moon Stone
  • [01d 17h 01m 08s]: Blacked out fighting Misty (8th)
  • [01d 17h 20m 42s]: Blacked out fighting Misty (9th)
  • [01d 18h 08m 45s]: Blacked out fighting Misty (10th)
  • [01d 18h 39m 39s]: Blacked out fighting Misty (11th)
  • [01d 18h 56m 29s]: Defeated Misty
  • [01d 20h 39m 10s]: Blacked out
  • [01d 21h 29m 34s]: Jay Leno taught "Bubblebeam"
  • [01d 21h 33m 37s]: Saved Bill, obtained S.S. Ticket
  • [01d 22h 03m 55s]: Obtained TM28 (Dig) after defeating Team Rocket Grunt
  • [01d 22h 30m 58s]: Blacked out
  • [01d 23h 00m 54s]: Caught Digrat (originally known as RATTATA).

           META EVENTS

Day 3 - A New FeatherEdit

Day 3 was mixed with ups and downs in terms of progress. While major characters were added, such as The Keeper and Dux, and Blue was defeated on S.S. Anne, players found themselves stuck at several trees that need to be cut for progress in the game. Successfully teaching Dux the Cut HM and getting him to cut these trees proved to be a great challenge for players. Luck turned in Lt. Surge's gym however, when the dreaded Trash Can Puzzle was solved with ease. Soon Surge was defeated and Red found himself with this third badge.

Major Events: The Tree (Celadon City), Soft Reset

  • [02d 00h 54m]: The /r/twitchplayspokemon Reddit subreddit is created
  • [02d 01h 23m 15s]: Entered Vermilion City
  • [02d 01h 33m 24s]: Healed at Vermilion City Pokémon Center
  • [02d 01h 55m 23s]: Boarded the S.S. Anne (1st)
  • [02d 02h 11m 17s]: Digrat taught "Dig" [9]
  • [02d 02h 30m 26s]: Blacked out
  • [02d 02h 37m 09s]: Caught The Keeper (originally named DROWZEE)
  • [02d 02h 49m 15s]: Caught SPEAROW
  • [02d 03h 29m 05s]: Boarded the S.S. Anne (2nd)
  • [02d 04h 12m 53s]: Blacked out while fighting Blue
  • [02d 04h 23m 59s]: Boarded the S.S. Anne (3rd)
  • [02d 05h 02m 22s]: Defeated Blue
  • [02d 05h 04m]: Obtained HM01 Cut from S.S. Anne Captain
  • [02d 05h 12m]: Blacked out
  • [02d 06h 59m 15s]: Traded SPEAROW for Dux
  • [02d 09h 09m]: Taught Dux Cut
  • [02d 09h 17m]: Dux cuts The Tree outside the Vermilion Gym
  • [02d 09h 48m]: Solved Lt. Surge's trash can puzzle
  • [02d 09h 55m]: Blacked out fighting Lt. Surge
  • [02d 10h 49m]: Tossed the Nugget
  • [02d 11h 14m]: Dux cuts The Tree outside the Vermilion Gym
  • [02d 11h 29m]: Defeated Lt. Surge, obtained the Thunder Badge
  • [02d 11h 45m]: Dux cuts The Tree outside the Vermilion Gym
  • [02d 11h 54m 40s]: Stream blackout
  • [02d 11h 56m 02s]: Stream back up, stream time clock changed to 02d 12h 04m 02s
  • [02d 13h 15m]: Dux cuts the tree to Route 9, entered Route 9
  • [02d 13h 53m]: Blacked out
  • [02d 14h 24m 29s]: The Soft Reset, game restarted
  • [02d 14h 25m 07s]: Started new game
  • [02d 14h 25m 31s]: Named the character Red "xxx"
  • [02d 14h 25m 55s]: Named the character Blue "AAdeeef"
  • [02d 14h 27m 22s]: Button inputs disabled
  • [02d 14h 28m 37s]: Reset game
  • [02d 14h 29m 07s]: Reset game to normal with last save state
  • [02d 14h 31m 36s]: Button inputs enabled
  • [02d 16h 22m]: Abby learns Cut
  • [02d 16h 51m]: Cut tree, entered Route 9

              META EVENTS

Day 4 - Obstacle DayEdit

Day 4 could be called "Obstacle Day", as two major obstacles took up most of the day for the stream. Both the infamous Gen 1 ledge, also known as "The Ledge", and the Rock Tunnel, which had to be blindly cleared without any Pokemon with the ability Flash, took up large portions of the day. However, due to his exploits in carrying the party (often with only the move "Struggle", the default move when PP is out) through the Rock Tunnel, Bird Jesus began to cement himself as the messiah figure he would eventually be recognized as. The day ended on a triumphant note, as Red made it to Erika's Gym.

Major Events: The Ledge, Rock Tunnel

  • [03d 01h 23m]: Cleared The Ledge
  • [03d 01h 53m]: Blacked out due to Hiker's Geodude using Rock Throw on Bird Jesus
  • [03d 03h 24m]: Cut tree, entered Route 9
  • [03d 07h 08m]: Cleared the ledge
  • [03d 07h 10m]: Fell to the ledge
  • [03d 07h 12m]: Cleared the ledge
  • [03d 07h 27m]: Exited Route 9, entered Route 10
  • [03d 07h 30m]: Healed at Rock Tunnel Pokémon Center
  • [03d 07h 32m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 07h 37m 40s]: Stream time clock changed to 03d 05h 31m 05s
  • [03d 06h 13m]: Blacked out
  • [03d 06h 17m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 06h 40m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 06h 55m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 07h 47m]: Blacked out
  • [03d 07h 49m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 09h 07m]: Blacked out
  • [03d 09h 09m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 09h 51m]: Blacked out
  • [03d 09h 53m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 03m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 09m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 12m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 15m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 17m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 25m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 34m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 10h 39m]: Deposited Digrat into PC
  • [03d 10h 42m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 12h 14m]: Blacked out
  • [03d 12h 16m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 15h 24m]: Blacked out
  • [03d 15h 26m 34s]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 15h 26m 55s]: Stream blackout (First appearance of the "Twitch Plays Pokemon will resume shortly! Thank you for watching!" screen)
  • [03d 15h 28m]: Stream back up
  • [03d 16h 15m 57s]: Cleared Rock Tunnel
  • [03d 16h 30m]: Entered Lavender Town
  • [03d 17h 13m 54s]: Bird Jesus evolved into PIDGEOT
  • [03d 17h 59m]: Entered Celadon City
  • [03d 20h 34m]: Cut tree to Erika's Gym for first time
  • [03d 23h 42m]: Tossed TM30 Teleport

               META EVENTS

Day 5 - The Great Eevee vs. Lapras Civil WarEdit

One of the most infamous days in Twitch Plays Pokemon history, day 5 began with a great win over Erika in which Bird Jesus shined, but things quickly took a downward turn for the community.  First, while much of the community wished to keep a slot open in the part to eventually fill with Lapras for their surfing needs, Eevee was still obtained by Red.  Players then opted to purchase a Water Stone to make a Vaporeon, but instead spent all of Red's money on 3 PokeDolls and a Fire Stone.  Soon Eevee became a Flareon, and in the shuffle to try to reorganize the party in wake of this incident, two of the stream's most beloved Pokemon at this point were accidentaly released: Abby and Jay Leno.  Utterly shocked, the community decided to press on into the Team Rocket HQ, only to find themselves fustratingly and hopelessly caught in the maze of spinning tiles.  Even when progress was made, Digrat was accidentally ordered to use Dig from the START menu, taking Red back outside of the maze, negating any progress.  As Day 5 drew to a close, the community began to seriously question if they were permanately stuck, and if this was the end of TPP.

Major Events: Evolution of Eevee, Release of Abby and Jay Leno, Team Rocket HQ

  • [04d 00h 11m]: Cut tree to Erika's Gym
  • [04d 00h 46m 41s]: Erika defeated by Bird Jesus
  • [04d 01h 18m]: Cut tree from Erika's Gym
  • [04d 01h 48m 04s]: Obtained False Prophet (EEVEE the Eevee)
  • [04d 02h 25m]: Bought the Fire Stone
  • [04d 02h 56m 54s]: Bought Soda Pop from Celadon Department Store
  • [04d 03h 41m]: Stream blackout
  • [04d 03h 47m]: Stream back up
  • [04d 05h 42m]: Entered Saffron City after giving guard Soda Pop
  • [04d 06h 00m]: Exited Saffron City and entered Route 5, beginning the attempt to drop off a Pokémon into the Pokémon Day Care
  • [04d 08h 12m]: Exited Route 5 and entered Saffron City, ending the attempt to drop off a Pokémon into the Pokémon Day Care
  • [04d 08h 46m]: Digrat withdrawn from PC, Bird Jesus deposited in PC
  • [04d 08h 48m]: Abby and Jay Leno deposited into the PC
  • [04d 08h 51m]: Bird Jesus withdrawn from the PC
  • [04d 08h 52m 05s]: Released Jay Leno
  • [04d 08h 52m 20s]: Released Abby
  • [04d 10h 33m]: Helix Fossil and S.S. Ticket deposited in PC
  • [04d 11h 32m 30s]: Caught Cabbage (originally named ODDISH)
  • [04d 14h 15m 18s]: Discovered Rocket Hideout
  • [04d 14h 16m 09s]: Used Fire Stone to evolve the False Prophet into FLAREON
  • [04d 14h 22m]: Entered Rocket Hideout ("Spinning Hell")
  • [04d 15h 18m 02s]: Obtained Moon Stone
  • [04d 15h 18m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [04d 15h 42m]: Bird Jesus withdrew from PC, Helix Fossil deposited in PC
  • [04d 15h 48m]: Moon Stone tossed
  • [04d 16h 21m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [04d 17h 23m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [04d 20h 50m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [04d 21h 15m]: Helix Fossil withdrew from PC
  • [04d 22h 00m]: Entered Rocket Hideout

                META EVENTS

Day 6 - No Progress in Mr. Giovanni's Wild RideEdit

As day 6 progressed with no end in sight for getting through the Team Rocket Headquarters, and Digrat earning some anger from community members for repeatedly digging Red back to the start of the maze, The Streamer soon took action to aid players by introducing Democracy mode [events completed under this mode now noted by '(D)'].  Although many players did not like the change in the input system, progress began to be made, as the Lift Key was acquired and eventually Giovanni was reached.  A new voting system for Anarchy and Democracy modes was introduced, marking the beginning of the major political schism of Gen 1.  As word spread via news outlets concerning the crazy antics of TPP, soon new viewer-count highs were reached.  The day ended with a loss to Giovanni.

Major Events: Team Rocket HQ (continued), Release of Flareon

  • [05d 02h 59m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 03h 13m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 07h 31m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 08h 22m]: Helix Fossil, Nugget, and S.S. Ticket deposited in PC, stream blackout
  • [05d 08h 35m] (D): Stream back up with first appearance of Democracy, Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 08h 47m] (D): Stream blackout
  • [05d 08h 56m] (D): Stream back up
  • [05d 09h 08m] (D): Stream blackout
  • [05d 09h 09m] (D): Stream back up
  • [05d 09h 12m] (D): Stream blackout
  • [05d 09h 12m] (D): Stream back up
  • [05d 09h 19m 57s] (D): The start9 riots occur, the first "start9" command is inputted in Democracy
  • [05d 09h 28m] (D): Stream blackout after Red hasn't made any progress in 8-9 minutes
  • [05d 09h 34m]: Stream back up, Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 09h 49m]: Dux deposited and then withdrawn from PC
  • [05d 10h 15m]: False Prophet and The Keeper deposited in PC
  • [05d 11h 12m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 11h 49m]: Stream blackout
  • [05d 11h 52m]: Stream back up with Anarchy/Democracy voting system implemented
  • [05d 13h 00m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 13h 01m] (D): Stream blackout
  • [05d 13h 04m]: Stream back up, Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 13h 06m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 14h 14m] (D): Cleared Maze 1
  • [05d 14h 19m] (D): Reached 80,000 viewers/players
  • [05d 14h 23m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 14h 28m]: Went back into Maze 1
  • [05d 14h 30m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 14h 50m] (D): Cleared Maze 1
  • [05d 15h 09m] (D): Reached 90,000 viewers/players
  • [05d 15h 13m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 15h 15m]: Obtained Lift Key
  • [05d 15h 25m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 16h 12m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 16h 22m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 16h 38m] (D): Democracy mode activated, start9 rioting occurs
  • [05d 16h 45m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 17h 45m 53s]: Released the False Prophet
  • [05d 17h 49m]: Withdrew The Keeper from PC
  • [05d 18h 08m] (D): Democracy mode activated, start9 rioting occurs
  • [05d 18h 29m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 18h 33m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 18h 51m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 19h 14m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 19h 34m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 20h 04m] (D): Cleared Maze 2
  • [05d 20h 25m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 20h 28m]: Reached 100,000 viewers/players
  • [05d 20h 42m]: Exited Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 21h 08m]: Withdrew Helix Fossil, Nugget, and S.S. Ticket from PC
  • [05d 22h 01m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [05d 22h 39m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [05d 22h 52m] (D): Cleared the Lift
  • [05d 23h 00m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [05d 23h 26m]: Reached 110,000 viewers/players
  • [05d 23h 28m]: Defeated by Giovanni

                  META EVENTS

Day 7 - Victory at Rocket HideoutEdit

Finally, after a full day-plus worth of play, a decisive victory by Bird Jesus and Dux sent Giovanni on his way and the Silph Scope was finally at hand!  Well, until Digrat decided to Dig once again.  Still, just a few hours later players were able to direct Red back to the Silph Scope and obtained it under Democracy mode.  Meanwhile, the stream hit its all-time record for number of simultaneous players/viewers, breaking over 121 thousand.  Red made his way to the Fighting Dojo, and players were excited for the potential of their new Hitmonlee, but he (along with X-Wing) were released not even forty minutes later.  The day ended with Red entering the Pokémon Tower and catching Rick Gastly.

Major Events: Team Rocket HQ (continued), Pokemon Tower

  • [06d 00h 11m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [06d 00h 24m] (D): Democracy mode activated, start9 rioting occurs
  • [06d 00h 37m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [06d 00h 48m]: Entered Lift
  • [06d 00h 59m]: Entered Giovanni's Office
  • [06d 01h 08m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [06d 01h 47m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [06d 01h 55m]: Entered Lift
  • [06d 02h 30m]: Entered Giovanni's Office
  • [06d 02h 53m]: Bird Jesus and Dux defeat Giovanni
  • [06d 02h 54m]: Reached 120,000 viewers/players
  • [06d 02h 55m 40s]: Reached 123,224 players/viewers, an all-time high in Twitch Plays Pokémon history
  • [06d 02h 56m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout before picking up the Silph Scope
  • [06d 03h 16m] (D): Democracy mode activated, start9 rioting occurs
  • [06d 03h 28m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [06d 04h 21m]: Entered Rocket Hideout
  • [06d 04h 41m]: Entered Lift, stream blackout
  • [06d 04h 46m]: Stream back up
  • [06d 05h 02m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [06d 05h 08m] (D): Entered Giovanni's Lift
  • [06d 05h 16m] (D): Obtained Silph Scope
  • [06d 05h 20m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [06d 05h 36m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Rocket Hideout
  • [06d 06h 04m]: Entered Lavender Town
  • [06d 06h 13m]: Healed at Lavender Town Pokémon Center
  • [06d 06h 19m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [06d 06h 33m]: Defeated Blue
  • [06d 09h 18m]: Obtained Swift
  • [06d 10h 23m]: Taught Digrat Swift, deleted Thunderbolt
  • [06d 11h 54m]: Changed Digrat's name to AAJST(???? via Name Rater.
  • [06d 13h 42m]: Spent all the money buying Great Balls
  • [06d 14h 01m]: Tossed another Nugget
  • [06d 14h 05m]: Caught Dash Bat (--- the Zubat)
  • [06d 15h 03m]: Dashbat has been renamed JJSSSSS- via Name Rater.
  • [06d 15h 06m]: ODDISH has been renamed x(araggbaj and is now known as Cabbage
  • [06d 15h 53m]: Obtained Escape Rope
  • [06d 16h 35m 56s]: Caught X-Wing (x the Zubat), automatically sent to PC
  • [06d 19h 28m]: Obtained Psychic
  • [06d 22h 02m]: Bird Jesus solos the Dojo Master
  • [06d 22h 04m 10s]: Obtained C3KO (CCC the Hitmonlee), automatically sent to PC
  • [06d 22h 17m]: Trapped in Poke Mart by Revive Girl
  • [06d 22h 39m]: Deposited Helix Fossil, Lift Key, Silph Scope, Cut, and SS Ticket
  • [06d 22h 40m 44s]: Released C3KO
  • [06d 22h 43m]: Deposited Cabbage
  • [06d 22h 45m 08s]: Released X-Wing
  • [06d 22h 49m]: Withdrew Cabbage
  • [06d 22h 51m]: Withdrew all of the previously deposited items
  • [06d 23h 15m]: The Keeper learned Psychic
  • [06d 23h 49m 46s]: Caught Rick Gastly (GASTLY), automatically sent to PC

           META EVENTS

Day 8 - GhostbustersEdit

Known as "Ghost Hell", day 8 was full of antics in the Pokemon Tower.  Players were having difficulty making progress as many of the Pokemon in the party did not have any moves that affected Ghost-types, but soon Digrat came to the rescue with Dig.  This time Digrat used the move in battles, and it was very effective against the onslaught of dead Pokemon being faced, and the Raticate began to earn a lot of favor in the community.  Finally, after several hours, Marowak (Cubone's mother)'s ghost was defeated and laid to rest, Mr. Fuji was saved, and Red came in possession of the Poké Flute. The day ends with Red proceeding south on Route 12 from Lavender Town to Fuchsia City.

Major Events: Pokemon Tower

  • [07d 00h 20m]: Blacked out to Saffron City
  • [07d 00h 55m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 01h 39m]: Blacked out to Saffron City
  • [07d 02h 14m]: Healed at Lavender Town Pokémon Center
  • [07d 02h 27m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 02h 31m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower, returned to Lavender Town
  • [07d 02h 35m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 03h 20m]: Blacked out to Lavender Town
  • [07d 03h 35m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 04h 27m]: Blacked out to Lavender Town
  • [07d 04h 36m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 05h 35m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 05h 55m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 06h 44m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 06h 59m]: Dux deposited in PC and then withdrawn from PC
  • [07d 07h 03m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 07h 31m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 07h 36m]: Stream blackout
  • [07d 07h 39m]: Stream back up
  • [07d 07h 44m]: Renamed JJSSSSS- the Zubat to ABB-??AAJ
  • [07d 08h 01m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 08h 13m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 08h 15m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 08h 51m]: Reached healing pad in Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 09h 45m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 09h 51m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 10h 29m]: Obtained Nugget
  • [07d 10h 46m]: The Keeper learned Headbutt by forgetting Psychic
  • [07d 10h 49m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 11h 10m]: Deposited Dash Bat in PC, withdrew Rick Gastly from PC
  • [07d 11h 22m]: Changed Bird Jesus's name to aaabaaajss via Name Rater
  • [07d 11h 23m]: Tossed Nugget
  • [07d 11h 30m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 12h 32m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 12h 43m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 12h 48m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 12h 55m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 13h 18m 26s]: Digrat evolved into Raticate, earning the nickname "BigDig"
  • [07d 14h 24m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 14h 29m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 15h 30m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 16h 07m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 18h 11m]: Blacked out
  • [07d 18h 27m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 19h 12m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 19h 22m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 19h 39m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 19h 42m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 21h 06m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Pokémon Tower after defeating last Channeler at floor 6
  • [07d 21h 28m]: Entered Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 22h 21m]: Reached healing pad in Pokémon Tower
  • [07d 22h 59m 35s]: Digrat defeats Marowak
  • [07d 23h 28m 58s]: Rescued Mr. Fuji
  • [07d 23h 35m 53s]: Obtained Poké Flute
  • [07d 23h 58m]: Bought 3 Great Balls

                  META EVENTS

Day 9 - A Trip to the ZooEdit

After waking Snorlax, a short battle ensued before Red decided to run from combat.  Still, on the journey to Fuchsia City, good progress was made on leveling team members, as Cabbage evolved and Bird Jesus became the first Pokemon on Red's roster to reach level 50.  After a quick trip into the Safari Zone, the team was able to beat Koga before turning their sights back onto the Safari Zone.  It didn't take long for players to realize the danger inherent in trying to tackle the zone, as the step count was still active (despite previous rumours that it had been deactivated), and Red had limited funds.  This marked the most extensive use of Democracy mode to date, as players worked together via voting on commands to carefully make their way to the hidden house in the back of the zone to obtain Surf.  While in the Safari Zone a total of thirteen Pokemon were caught, including fan-favorites and hall of famers The Fonz and ATV.  After obtaining Surf and a bit of PC antics (no releases this time), Red made his way to defeat Blue before adding another legend of Gen 1 to his team, Air Jordan.

Major Events: Safari Zone, Silph Company HQ

  • [08d 00h 22m]: Ran away from Snorlax
  • [08d 00h 37m]: Obtained Super Rod
  • [08d 01h 15m]: Cabbage evolved into Gloom
  • [08d 02h 00m]: Bird Jesus reaches level 50
  • [08d 02h 30m]: Bird Jesus puts the team on his back, carries them all the way to Fuchsia City
  • [08d 03h 08m]: After entering the gym before healing, Bird Jesus faints to poison outside of battle
  • [08d 04h 39m]: Made it back to Fuchsia City
  • [08d 05h 54m]: Entered Safari Zone for the first time
  • [08d 05h 57m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Safari Zone
  • [08d 06h 31m]: Defeated by Koga
  • [08d 07h 17m]: Bird Jesus forgets Gust to learn Mirror Move
  • [08d 07h 18m]: Defeated Koga
  • [08d 08h 05m 46s]: Caught Burger King (BKKBBBBCBB) the Venonat in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 08h 06m 51s]: Caught VENONAT in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 08h 10m 36s]: Caught NIDORAN in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 08h 11m 08s]: Caught NIDORAN (NIDORAN in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 08h 24m 50s]: Caught AAA the Paras in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 08h 35m]: Booted from Safari Zone for exceeding step count
  • [08d 08h 37m]: Entered and immediately exited Safari Zone after paying
  • [08d 09h 01m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Safari Zone again
  • [08d 09h 47m 19s]: Caught AIA the Exeggcute in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 09h 55m 21s]: Caught H (Nidoran♂) in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 10h 40m]: Digrat used Dig to exit Safari Zone again (4th time)
  • [08d 10h 54m] (D): Democracy mode activated, start9 riots occur
  • [08d 11h 02m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [08d 11h 58m 54s]: Caught B-!) the Venonat in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 12h 06m 03s]: Caught a (Nidoran) in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 12h 08m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [08d 12h 29m 20s] (D): Caught The Fonz (AAAAAAAAAA) in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 12h 57m 59s] (D): Caught Macho Man (AEWWWWVV) in the Safari Zone
  • [08d 13h 05m 31s]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [08d 13h 05m 31s]: Macho Man sent to PC
  • [08d 13h 06m]: Booted from Safari Zone after running out of Safari Balls
  • [08d 13h 14m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [08d 13h 26m 52s] (D): Caught A the Venonat in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 13h 51m 19s] (D): Caught AAEWWW (Nidoran) in the Safari Zone, immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 14h 35m] (D): Obtained Skull Bash
  • [08d 14h 37m 54s] (D): Caught ATV: All Terrain Venomoth" (AATTVVV)), immediately sent to PC
  • [08d 15h 03m] (D): Obtained the Gold Teeth
  • [08d 15h 12m] (D): Obtained Surf
  • [08d 15h 16m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [08d 15h 30m]: Deposited Digrat
  • [08d 15h 31m]: Withdrew ATV
  • [08d 15h 31m]: Deposited Rick Gastly
  • [08d 16h 03m]: Obtained Strength
  • [08d 19h 05m]: Healed in Saffron City Pokémon Center
  • [08d 19h 19m]: Entered Silph Company HQ for the first time
  • [08d 21h 56m]: Obtained Card Key
  • [08d 22h 55m]: Defeated Blue
  • [08d 22h 59m 51s]: Obtained Air Jordan (AIIIIIIRRR)

              META EVENTS

Day 10 - The Silph Co. RaidEdit

Day 10 did not see as many major events as others, which is fitting considering it is sandwiched between two very eventful days.  Progress was made though, first with the conquering of Giovanni in the Silph Company HQ to obtain the Master Ball, and the on to Sabrina's Gym.  Sabrina's Gym was a challenge for the stream, as navigating the teleporting pads under Anarchy mode proved to be quite the puzzle.  Sabrina defeated the team once, before Red was able to be directed back to her by players.  Bird Jesus carried the team again, further adding to his legacy with a solid win over Sabrina for the badge.

Major Events: Silph Company HQ (continued)

  • [09d 00h 47m]: Entered Silph Co.
  • [09d 01h 53m]: Blacked out and returned to Saffron City Pokémon Center
  • [09d 05h 47m]: Air Jordan learned Surf
  • [09d 06h 43m]: Air Jordan learned Strength
  • [09d 06h 55m]: Entered Silph Co.
  • [09d 08h 16m]: Defeated by Giovanni
  • [09d 09h 20m]: Stream blackout
  • [09d 09h 22m]: Stream back up
  • [09d 11h 36m]: Bought 4 Great Balls
  • [09d 11h 39m]: Entered Silph Co.
  • [09d 12h 48m]: Stream blackout
  • [09d 12h 53m]: Stream back up, stream layout changed
  • [09d 13h 51m 33s]: Defeated Giovanni
  • [09d 13h 52m 34s]: Obtained Master Ball
  • [09d 14h 20m]: Exited Silph Co.
  • [09d 14h 42m]: Entered Sabrina's Gym
  • [09d 15h 31m]: Blacked out
  • [09d 15h 47m]: Entered Sabrina's Gym
  • [09d 16h 17m]: Blacked out
  • [09d 16h 30m]: Entered Sabrina's Gym
  • [09d 16h 57m]: Blacked out
  • [09d 17h 18m]: Entered Sabrina's Gym
  • [09d 17h 52m]: Defeated by Sabrina, blacked out
  • [09d 18h 08m]: Entered Sabrina's Gym
  • [09d 18h 25m 53s]: Bird Jesus puts the team on his back again, Sabrina is defeated
  • [09d 20h 05m] (D): Democracy mode activated, start9 riots
  • [09d 20h 26m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [09d 22h 38m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [09d 22h 44m] (D): Entered Pokémon Day Care
  • [09d 22h 57m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [09d 22h 59m]: Exited Pokémon Day Care, jumped off ledge

            META EVENTS

Day 11 - Bloody SundayEdit

The most infamous day in all of Twitch Plays Pokemon history, day 11 of Gen 1, also known as "Bloody Sunday", started off on a high note as players made their way through the Power Plant and managed to capture the legendary Zapdos (AA-j) with the Master Ball in Anarchy mode.  Seeking to bring AA-j into the active party, Red was directed to the PC in the Power Plant.  What followed was some of the most chaotic several hours in TPP history.  Shuffling occured between active and PC Pokemon as attempts were made to build the team around both Bird Jesus and AA-j, while keeping HM users such as Dux on the active team as well.  Unfortunately, coordination under Anarchy mode can be difficult and releasing Pokemon via the PC in Gen 1 was a fairly easy thing to do.  By day's end, a total of twelve Pokemon were released, including fan-favorites Cabbage and Digrat, and the loved Dux, which meant that there was no longer a mon on the team that knew Cut.  This left the stream helpless but to reenter the Rock Tunnel, still lacking the Flash HM, and brave it in the dark again.  Bird Jesus was able to carry the team through the dark tunnel, often by using "Struggle" after he ran out of PP, and as the day closed the community sat in shock and asked if AA-j was worth the losses that had occurred.

Major Events: Capture of ZapdosBloody Sunday

  • [10d 00h 13m]: Cut the tree and entered Route 9
  • [10d 04h 28m]: Cleared the ledge
  • [10d 04h 31m]: Fell to the ledge
  • [10d 04h 34m]: Destiny, an online streamer who is planning to use Democracy mode to release Red's best Pokémon, joins Twitch Plays Pokémon. He and his followers immediately begin mass-voting for Democracy
  • [10d 04h 47m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 04h 54m] (D): People begin to inform others about Destiny's plan to ruin the stream, Unathana posts a Reddit thread about Destiny [10]
  • [10d 04h 59m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [10d 05h 17m]: Cleared the ledge
  • [10d 05h 26m]: Exited Route 9, entered Route 10
  • [10d 06h 45m 38s]: Used Surf on Air Jordan
  • [10d 06h 48m 41s]: Entered the Kanto Power Plant
  • [10d 07h 44m 57s]: Encountered Zapdos
  • [10d 07h 49m 16s]: Caught AA-j with Master Ball
  • [10d 07h 50m 30s]: Zapdos named AA-j, immediately sent to PC
  • [10d 08h 17m]: Red enters the Pokémon Center, beginning Bloody Sunday
  • [10d 08h 21m]: Deposited Air Jordan
  • [10d 08h 21m]: Deposited Bird Jesus
  • [10d 08h 22m]: Withdrew AA-j
  • [10d 08h 23m]: Deposited The Keeper
  • [10d 08h 27m]: Deposited ATV
  • [10d 08h 28m]: Withdrew AAEWWW (Nidoran) and (a (Nidoran))
  • [10d 08h 29m]: Withdrew Macho Man (AWWWWVV)
  • [10d 08h 29m]: Deposited Cabbage
  • [10d 08h 29m]: Switched Boxes
  • [10d 08h 36m]: Deposited AA-j into Box 2
  • [10d 08h 36m]: Deposited Dux and AAEWWW into Box 2
  • [10d 08h 45m]: Destiny leaves Twitch Plays Pokémon
  • [10d 08h 50m]: Deposited Helix Fossil and most of the other items
  • [10d 08h 54m]: Withdrew AA-j
  • [10d 09h 03m]: Withdrew AAEWWW
  • [10d 09h 04m]: Deposited AA-j into Box 2
  • [10d 09h 13m]: Withdrew Macho Man
  • [10d 09h 32m 23s]: Released A (Venonat)
  • [10d 09h 33m]: Withdrew Dux
  • [10d 09h 41m]: Withdrew AA-j
  • [10d 09h 54m 19s]: Caught Geodude (Red)
  • [10d 09h 56m 21s]: Caught Zubat (Red)
  • [10d 10h 37m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 10h 57m] (D): Switched back to Box 1
  • [10d 11h 16m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [10d 11h 21m]: Deposited Dux
  • [10d 11h 27m]: Deposited Macho Man
  • [10d 11h 29m]: Withdrew The Fonz
  • [10d 11h 53m 29s]: Deposited GEODUDE
  • [10d 11h 53m 37s]: Released B-!) (Venonat)
  • [10d 11h 56m]: Withdrew H (Nidoran)
  • [10d 12h 01m 48s]: Released AIA (Exeggcute)
  • [10d 12h 04m 54s]: Released AAA (Paras)
  • [10d 12h 16m]: Deposited Zubat (Red) and The Fonz
  • [10d 12h 16m]: Withdrew a
  • [10d 12h 15m 09s]: Released Venonat (Red)
  • [10d 12h 15m 24s]: Released Nidoran (Red 1)
  • [10d 12h 18m]: Withdrew Burger King
  • [10d 12h 20m]: Deposited a and H
  • [10d 12h 21m]: Deposited AA-j
  • [10d 12h 23m]: Deposited Nidoran (Red 2)
  • [10d 12h 26m]: Withdrew Dash Bat and Rick Gastly
  • [10d 12h 26m]: Withdrew Air Jordan
  • [10d 12h 27m]: Withdrew Bird Jesus
  • [10d 12h 43m 15s]: Released Cabbage
  • [10d 13h 08m]: Deposited Burger King
  • [10d 13h 09m]: Withdrew ATV
  • [10d 13h 10m]: Deposited Digrat
  • [10d 13h 10m]: Withdrew The Keeper
  • [10d 13h 11m]: Deposited Rick Gastly
  • [10d 13h 13m 31s]: Released Dux (now forced to use Rock Tunnel due to having no remaining Cut users)
  • [10d 13h 13m 37s]: Released Geodude (Red)
  • [10d 13h 15m]: Deposited Bird Jesus and Dash Bat
  • [10d 13h 22m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 13h 33m] (D): Withdrew The Fonz
  • [10d 13h 43m] (D): Withdrew Macho Man
  • [10d 13h 44m] (D): Withdrew AA-j
  • [10d 13h 46m] (D): Withdrew Helix Fossil and most other items
  • [10d 14h 01m] (D): Deposited Air Jordan
  • [10d 14h 04m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [10d 14h 06m]: Withdrew ZUBAT
  • [10d 14h 25m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 14h 45m] (D): Deposited ZUBAT
  • [10d 14h 46m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [10d 14h 48m]: Deposited ATV
  • [10d 14h 48m 48s]: Released H
  • [10d 14h 48m 55s]: Released AAEWWW
  • [10d 15h 16m]: Withdrew NIDORAN (Red 2)
  • [10d 15h 25m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 15h 46m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [10d 16h 02m]: Deposited The Fonz
  • [10d 16h 02m 24s]: Released Digrat
  • [10d 16h 02m]: Withdrew Burger King
  • [10d 16h 14m]: Deposited Macho Man
  • [10d 16h 16m]: Withdrew Rick Gastly
  • [10d 16h 22m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 16h 38m] (D): Deposited AA-j
  • [10d 16h 39m] (D): Deposited Dash Bat
  • [10d 16h 42m] (D): Deposited NIDORAN (Red 2)
  • [10d 16h 44m] (D): Withdrew Bird Jesus
  • [10d 16h 52m] (D): Withdrew The Keeper, Air Jordan, and Dash Bat
  • [10d 17h 10m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [10d 17h 14m]: Red leaves the Pokémon Center, ending Bloody Sunday
  • [10d 17h 16m]: Entered Rock Tunnel
  • [10d 20h 55m]: Cleared Rock Tunnel
  • [10d 21h 38m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [10d 22h 04m]: Anarchy mode activated

            META EVENTS

Day 12 - Shoot for the MoonEdit

Because of the loss of Dux, the team had to backtrack through Mt. Moon and Pallet Town to reach Cinnabar Island.  Along the way players stopped by the Day Care, and Rick Gastly was left there for the remainder of the run.  Day 12 marked the first visit back to Red's hometown since day 1 of play.  After reaching Cinnabar, the Helix Fossil was taken to the laboratory to be revived.  After a PC shuffle that resulted in the loss of a few Pokemon, Lord Helix was officially brought onto the active party, with The Keeper taking his place in the PC.  This marked the last time in the run any Pokemon was either deposited or withdrawn from the PC.  With the community rejoicing around the revival of Helix, and the final party set for the remainder of the game, players set out to take on Pokemon Mansion.  After a battle with the NPC Burglar Simon, Red became stuck in a one by two space between the NPC, a table, and the wall.  Players spent the rest of the day roaming this small space engaging in random encounters, until finally all active Pokemon fainted and Red was transported to the Pokecenter outside.

Major Events: Revival of Omanyte, Pokemon Mansion

  • [11d 01h 04m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [11d 01h 15m] (D): Entered Pokémon Day Care
  • [11d 01h 16m] (D): Placed Bird Jesus in Day Care
  • [11d 01h 21m] (D): Retrieved Bird Jesus from Day Care
  • [11d 01h 24m] (D): Placed The Keeper in Day Care
  • [11d 01h 27m] (D): Retreived The Keeper from Day Care
  • [11d 01h 30m] (D): Placed Rick Gastly in Day Care (he would stay here for the rest of the game)
  • [11d 01h 33m] (D): Exited Pokémon Day Care
  • [11d 01h 33m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [11d 01h 51m]: Withdrew all items
  • [11d 02h 01m]: Withdrew The Fonz
  • [11d 02h 01m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [11d 02h 10m] (D): Deposited Dash Bat
  • [11d 02h 20m] (D): Withdrew AA-j
  • [11d 02h 28m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [11d 03h 50m]: Used Surf on Lapras
  • [11d 04h 02m]: Entered Mt. Moon
  • [11d 04h 37m]: Acquired Moon Stone
  • [11d 05h 31m]: Exited Mt. Moon
  • [11d 06h 10m]: Entered Viridian Forest
  • [11d 06h 34m]: Exited Viridian Forest
  • [11d 06h 44m]: Used Moon Stone to evolve The Fonz into Nidoking (aka "King Fonz")
  • [11d 06h 57m]: Entered Pallet Town
  • [11d 07h 05m]: Visited Red's house
  • [11d 09h 03m]: Used Surf on Lapras
  • [11d 09h 53m]: Entered Cinnabar Island
  • [11d 10h 03m 09s]: Handed Helix Fossil to scientist
  • [11d 10h 24m 29s]: Released Macho Man (AEWWWWVV)
  • [11d 10h 36m 54s]: Revived Helix Fossil (Lord Helix), OMANYTE is sent to the PC
  • [11d 11h 02m]: Deposited Bird Jesus
  • [11d 11h 04m]: Deposited Air
  • [11d 11h 05m]: Deposited The Keeper
  • [11d 11h 05m 35s]: Withdrew Lord Helix
  • [11d 11h 05m 41s]: Released Zubat (Red)
  • [11d 11h 05m 53s]: Released a (Nidoran (Red 4))
  • [11d 11h 10m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [11d 11h 17m] (D): Withdrew Bird Jesus
  • [11d 11h 22m] (D): Withdrew Air Jordan
  • [11d 11h 22m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [11d 11h 29m]: Healed at Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center
  • [11d 11h 35m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [11d 13h 47m]: Blacked out
  • [11d 13h 55m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [11d 15h 15m]: Blacked out
  • [11d 15h 29m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [11d 19h 28m 43s]: Blacked out one tile from obtaining the Secret Key
  • [11d 19h 42m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [11d 20h 21m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [11d 22h 19m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [11d 22h 58m 19s]: Red gets stuck between NPC Burglar Simon, rocks, and a table. A black out is needed to exit Pokémon Mansion

            META EVENTS

Day 13 - Scorched EarthEdit

After finally getting out from being trapped by the Burglar, Surf was taught to both Lord Helix and The Fonz, before players trekked back into Pokemon Mansion.  After some more dealings with the secret switch puzzles inside the Mansion, the stream was finally able to obtain the Secret Key that gives access to Blaine's Gym.  In the battle that ensued against Blaine, the gym leader was made short work of with AA-j quickly ending the battle in just six moves.  Red journeyed back up to Pallet Town, stopped by his house, and then found his way up to Viridian City, with his eye's set on Giovanni.

Major Events: Pokemon Mansion (continued)

  • [12d 00h 37m]: Blacked out and escaped
  • [12d 00h 43m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [12d 01h 56m]: Blacked out
  • [12d 02h 17m]: Taught Lord Helix Surf
  • [12d 02h 44m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [12d 05h 06m]: Blacked out
  • [12d 05h 11m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [12d 06h 17m]: Taught The Fonz Surf in place of Horn Attack
  • [12d 06h 38m]: Obtained Secret Key
  • [12d 06h 48m]: Obtained TM22 (Solar Beam)
  • [12d 07h 25m]: Stream blackout
  • [12d 07h 27m]: Stream back up
  • [12d 07h 42m]: Entered Cinnabar Gym
  • [12d 08h 27m]: Defeated Blaine, obtained Volcano Badge
  • [12d 09h 07m]: Used Surf
  • [12d 09h 12m]: Got on "Fat Guy Island"
  • [12d 09h 31m]: Got off "Fat Guy Island"
  • [12d 09h 45m]: Got on patch of grass to the south of Pallet Town
  • [12d 09h 27m]: Tossed TM22 (Solar Beam)
  • [12d 11h 29m]: Got off patch of grass to the south of Pallet Town
  • [12d 11h 34m]: Entered Pallet Town
  • [12d 11h 42m]: Deposited many items
  • [12d 13h 50m]: Withdrew many items
  • [12d 17h 04m]: Entered Viridian City
  • [12d 18h 51m]: Stream blackout
  • [12d 19h 03m]: Stream back up
  • [12d 20h 33m]: Stream blackout
  • [12d 20h 39m]: Stream back up
  • [12d 21h 06m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [12d 21h 20m] (D): Healed at Viridian City Pokémon Center
  • [12d 21h 23m]: Anarchy mode activated


Day 14 - Giovanni's Final ChallengeEdit

One of the harder late-game obstacles was faced on this day as players attempted to navigate Red through the small space between the front of the Viridian City gym and the ledge that was only one space away.  The ledge was hopped several times, causing Red to have to circle back around the gym to make another attempt.  Even after successfully navigating the obstacle a few times, Red would often enter the gym and then accidently exit it and jump the ledge again.  Frustration arose in the community and calls for Democracy mode could be heard, but after several attempts, a few lessons on how to catch Weedles from a friendly NPC, and some patience, players finally successfully cleared the ledge and made their way to Giovanni.  Giovanni won the first fight, but in the second attempt Bird Jesus shined after burying Giovanni's Rhydon in Sand Attacks.  Soon, the gym leader's Pokemon was unable to land an attack, and with low HP Bird Jesus was able to finally land the knock-out blow.  Afterwards, Red made his way to the entrance of Victory Road, where he faced Blue and defeated him. The day ends with grinding at Pokémon Mansion beginning.

Major Events: The Ledge (Viridian)

  • [13d 01h 47m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [13d 02h 03m] (D): Entered Viridian Gym for the first time
  • [13d 02h 05m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [13d 02h 13m]: Helix learns Horn Attack
  • [13d 02h 18m]: Exited Viridian Gym and jumped down the ledge
  • [13d 03h 05m]: Entered Viridian Gym
  • [13d 03h 18m]: Exited and jumped down the ledge
  • [13d 07h 54m]: Stream blackout
  • [13d 07h 57m]: Stream back up
  • [13d 08h 08m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [13d 08h 19m] (D): Entered Viridian Gym
  • [13d 08h 21m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [13d 08h 37m]: Exited and jumped down the ledge
  • [13d 10h 06m]: Tossed TM14 (Blizzard)
  • [13d 11h 53m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [13d 12h 09m] (D): Entered Viridian Gym
  • [13d 12h 12m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [13d 12h 41m]: Defeated by Giovanni
  • [13d 12h 50m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [13d 13h 10m] (D): Entered Viridian Gym
  • [13d 13h 14m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [13d 13h 53m]: Defeated Giovanni, obtained Earth Badge
  • [13d 14h 05m]: Exited Viridian Gym
  • [13d 14h 32m]: Defeated by Blue
  • [13d 14h 56m]: Defeated Blue
  • [13d 18h 45m]: Healed at Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center
  • [13d 18h 51m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [13d 19h 46m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [13d 20h 04m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [13d 21h 53m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [13d 22h 12m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [13d 22h 39m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [13d 23h 15m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion

             META EVENTS

Day 15 - Training from HellEdit

After a few attempts to get past the ledge west of Viridian City at the entrance of Victory Road, an operation was born that sent the team back down to Cinnabar to 'grind' the active Pokemon to higher levels in the Pokemon Mansion.  After several hours, the stream took Red back up to Victory Road.  The ledge was cleared, but not long after entering Victory Road the team blacked out.  Because Cinnabar was the last place the team healed at, the checkpoint was set for there, and the stream found itself back on the southern island.  Players decided to take advantage and reenter the Mansion, where they spent several more hours in random encounter battles.  Soon Lord Helix evolved into an Omastar, and the "Day of Grinding" came to a close.

Major Events: The Ledge (Route 22)Victory Road (Red), Pokemon Mansion (battling)

  • [14d 04h 23m]: Blacked out at Pokémon Mansion to Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center
  • [14d 04h 28m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 05h 45m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 06h 22m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 07h 17m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 08h 45m]: Entered Pallet Town
  • [14d 09h 02m]: Entered Viridian City
  • [14d 09h 08m]: Entered Route 22 (Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo)
  • [14d 09h 34m]: Cleared Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • [14d 09h 37m]: Entered Route 23
  • [14d 09h 48m]: Entered Victory Road
  • [14d 13h 45m]: Blacked out at Victory Road to Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center
  • [14d 13h 51m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 15h 15m]: Stream blackout
  • [14d 15h 17m]: Stream back up
  • [14d 16h 01m]: Blacked out at Pokémon Mansion to Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center
  • [14d 16h 25m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 16h 38m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 17h 10m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 17h 58m]: Lord Helix (Omanyte) evolved into Omastar
  • [14d 18h 17m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 18h 54m]: Entered Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 20h 15m]: Exited Pokémon Mansion
  • [14d 21h 17m]: Entered Pallet Town
  • [14d 23h 42m]: Entered Viridian City
  • [14d 23h 50m]: Entered Route 22 (Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo)

          META EVENTS

Day 16 - The Moment of Truth Draws NearEdit

Day 16 took Red back to Victory Road, and after the addition of key moves such as Sky Attack and Strength to party-member's movesets thanks to a run in Democracy mode, players set out to conquer the giant cave system and make it to the Pokemon League.  The moving of boulders to allow for progress proved to be challenging in Anarchy mode, and soon Democracy was initiated to help clear the levels of Victory Road.  After several hours, Red finally reached the Pokemon League, and took on Lorelei for the first time.  Lorelei triumphed several times over the team before the stream managed to beat her.  Each member of the Elite Four brought its own challenge to the team, and players spent the rest of the day attempting and reattempting to defeat the Elite Four.  Still, legends were born, as ATV became known as the "Dragon Slayer" after he single-handedly beat Lance's Dragonite who was around twenty levels higher than him, and the stream managed to reach champion Blue before falling quickly to him.  The day ended back at the Pokecenter healing, but excitement could be felt through-out the community as the end-game was at hand.

Major Events: Victory Road (Red), Pokemon League (Red)

  • [15d 00h 03m]: Cleared Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • [15d 00h 07m]: Entered Route 23
  • [15d 00h 18m]: Entered Victory Road
  • [15d 00h 38m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 00h 46m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 01h 20m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 01h 30m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 02h 20m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 02h 32m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 03h 17m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 03h 26m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 04h 27m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 04h 37m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 05h 18m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 06h 52m] (D): Solved the first boulder puzzle
  • [15d 07h 25m] (D): Obtained TM43 (Sky Attack)
  • [15d 07h 31m] (D): Bird Jesus learned Sky Attack in place of Whirlwind
  • [15d 07h 58m]: Blacked out to Cinnabar Island
  • [15d 08h 41m]: Entered Pallet Town
  • [15d 09h 36m] (D): The Fonz learned Strength in place of Focus Energy
  • [15d 10h 24m]: Entered Viridian City
  • [15d 10h 30m]: Entered Route 22 (Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo)
  • [15d 10h 51m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 11h 07m] (D): Cleared Ledge 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • [15d 11h 11m] (D): Entered Route 23
  • [15d 11h 24m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 11h 43m]: Entered Victory Road
  • [15d 12h 03m]: Entered Victory Road 2F for the first time
  • [15d 12h 14m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 12h 54m] (D): Solved the first boulder puzzle
  • [15d 13h 18m] (D): Entered Victory Road 3F for the first time
  • [15d 13h 34m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 14h 12m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 14h 14m] (D): Obtained the TM17 (Submission)
  • [15d 14h 36m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 14h 37m]: Obtained Max Revive
  • [15d 14h 43m]: Used Max Revive on Nidoking
  • [15d 15h 02m] (D): Democracy mode activated
  • [15d 16h 00m] (D): Solved the second boulder puzzle
  • [15d 16h 54m] (D): Solved the third and last boulder puzzle
  • [15d 17h 10m] (D): Cleared Victory Road
  • [15d 17h 18m] (D): Entered the Pokemon League
  • [15d 17h 20m]: Anarchy mode activated
  • [15d 17h 41m]: Defeated by Lorelei (1st failure)
  • [15d 17h 55m]: Defeated by Lorelei (2nd failure)
  • [15d 18h 16m]: Defeated by Lorelei (3rd failure)
  • [15d 18h 27m]: Defeated Lorelei for the first time
  • [15d 18h 33m]: Defeated Bruno for the first time
  • [15d 18h 47m]: Defeated by Agatha (4th failure)
  • [15d 19h 15m]: Defeated Agatha for the first time
  • [15d 19h 32m]: Defeated Lance for the first time (ATV the Dragonslayer)
  • [15d 19h 35m]: Defeated by Blue (5th failure)
  • [15d 20h 18m]: Defeated by Agatha (6th failure)
  • [15d 20h 54m]: Defeated by Lance (7th failure)
  • [15d 21h 38m]: Defeated by Agatha (8th failure)
  • [15d 22h 20m]: Defeated by Agatha (9th failure)
  • [15d 23h 07m]: Defeated by Bruno (10th failure)
  • [15d 23h 40m]: Defeated by Lorelei (11th failure)

           META EVENTS

Day 17 - The Day the Earth Stood StillEdit

VICTORY!  After seventeen attempts, Red made it past Lance for a second time and reached Blue again.  This time, more than just ATV remained active in the party, including the powerhouse AA-j.  As 'a' commands rained in through the streams chat, AA-j used a final Thunder on Blue's Blastoise, knocking out the water Pokemon, and Red became champion.  After 16 days, seven hours, 45 minutes and 30 seconds, the community had defeated Pokemon Red.

Major Events: Pokemon League (Red)

  • [16d 00h 18m]: Defeated by Bruno (12th failure)
  • [16d 01h 03m]: Defeated by Agatha (13th failure)
  • [16d 02h 05m]: Defeated by Lance (14th failure)
  • [16d 03h 19m]: Defeated by Agatha (15th failure)
  • [16d 04h 09m]: Defeated by Bruno (16th failure)
  • [16d 04h 42m]: Defeated by Agatha (17th failure)
  • [16d 05h 28m]: Defeated by Bruno (18th failure)
  • [16d 06h 05m]: Defeated by Agatha (19th failure)
  • [16d 06h 38m]: Defeated by Agatha (20th failure)
  • [16d 07h 06m]: Defeated by Agatha (21st failure)
  • [16d 07h 14m]: Defeated Lorelei
  • [16d 07h 23m]: Defeated Bruno
  • [16d 07h 26m]: Defeated Agatha
  • [16d 07h 36m]: Defeated Lance
  • [16d 07h 45m 29s]: Defeated Blue
  • [16d 07h 46m 46s]: Entered Hall of Fame
  • [16d 07h 47m 53s]: Credits begin
  • [16d 07h 49m 41s]: Credits end
  • [16d 07h 50m 04s]: Game freezes in Pallet Town
  • [16d 07h 53m 04s]: Game ends with 92,588 viewers.

           META EVENTS


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