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Gen 5.5 (Pokemon BlazeBlack 2) is the 7th mainline Pokemon game that has been played. BlazeBlack 2 is a ROM hack of Pokemon Black 2, which allows Pokemon from all generations to be found in the wild, without having to trade for them.

The game began with a reset very shortly in. The mob chose the female protagonist, Rosa, and named her "CL Y .,". Tepig was chosen as the starter.

BlazeBlack 2 became the first playthrough of Twitch Plays Pokemon in which no Pokemon were released.  It also saw the most level 100 members in the party out of any playthrough, in part because it was the first playthrough in which the post-game was played (not including Crystal and HeartGold, in which the Elite Four occurs approximately half way through the total game).  Another note of interest regarding this playthrough is the enterance of VVUU, the chosen fire-starter, into the Hall of Fame.  This marks the first time a fire-starter has made it into the Hall of Fame, and makes VVUU the only other starter besides LazorGator from Generation 2  and Trumprava from Generation 4.5 to make it in.

On Day 19, during the post-game, it was disovered that at the Pokemon World Tournament, the stream could fight all of the previous Twitch Plays Pokemon protagonists and their final teams.


Due to lesser popularity with TPP, Gen 5.5 has less viewers than previous generations. At it's lowest, the viewer count is around 200; at its highest, 800+.

Major Events/Items[]

  • The Torment of Skyla's Gym

Hall of Fame[]


Some early lore envisioned CLY as a teen-idol pop star who was taking a vacation from performing.  During her vacation, her mother spurred her on to go on a Pokemon adventure.  Around this time the voices came to CLY. A possible theory is that CLY is secretly working for Bill on a quest to take down the past champions of both sides as this is what happened in the Pokemon World Tournament.

Forced Evolutions[]

As a result of little to no evolutions in Generation 5 the streamer proposed an ultimatum; he would force evolutions in Generation 5.5 unless a party member evolved.

Chatlog of the ultimatum and then the confirmation.