One of the latest features, although not a gameplay mechanic as such, added to Twitch Plays Pokemon  for
Gen 3 was the inclusion of party member statuses at the bottom of the stream, which displayed each active Pokemon's level and HP in a percentage. This is perhaps the surprise that the streamer promised during the intermission between Gen 2 and Gen 3 however this is not confirmed.
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Following the end of Gen 2 with Democracy being permanently disabled, while AJ attempted to defeat Red, it continued to be disabled.

During the early hours of Day 6, the streamer paused the stream to re-enable 'Select' and add chained button commands.  The chained commands are read at once in a single frame, which allows for the character to be made to run.  The streamer also promised that 'Select' and 'Start' cannot be chained together, to avoid soft-resets.

On March 30 2014, the Streamer input a message in the TPP chat, saying that if the stream acquired 1000 coins, the voting system would be turned on.

At 12d 17h 33m, the stream went down and when it came back up a new timer was displayed counting down to a vote for Democracy in one hour.  The new system appeared to be a combination of both Gen 1 and Gen 2's systems, where once an hour a vote was held between Anarchy and Democracy modes.

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