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Twitch Plays Pokémon Anniversary Crystal (also known as Crystal 251 and Shattered Crystal) is the first generation of Season Three of Twitch Plays Pokémon. It is a rom hack of Pokémon Crystal, adapted to feature all Pokémon in the first two generations of Pokémon, in a similar vein of the Anniversary Red run.

This will be the last anniversary run to require capturing all available Pokémon.[1]

New features[]

A new input mode, military mode, allows for quicker battles by using commands to select combinations (e.g. Move4 to use the move in the fourth slot).

The game started in the Kanto region and follows the storyline of the generation 1 games.

The AI of opponents has been improved to ensure a greater challenge. Opponents are now capable of switching Pokémon to give them the best advantage.

The hack features a unique storyline spread across both the Kanto and Johto regions, including:

  • New Main Characters
  • Team Rocket fossil hunting at Mt Moon
  • Having the badges stolen
  • Team Rocket attacking the S.S. Anne
  • Landing in Johto after exploring the S.S. Anne

Features of later generations have been implemented, including:

  • Physical/Special Split
  • Addition of the Fairy type
  • Addition of future gen moves
  • Pokemon can no longer white out due to overworld poison damage (Gen 4 style)
  • Experience gain for capturing Pokémon
  • Multiple rivals
  • And More