Nickname(s) "Slayer of Trees", "King Leer"
Pokémon Species Farfetch'd
Level 31
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 2d 6h 59m
Lost 10d 13h 13m
Attacks Cut, Sand Attack, Leer, Fury Attack

“Don't Fux with DUX.”

Dux (DUX) was a Farfetch'd in Red's party.  He became an important member of the team after players were able to successfully teach him HM01 Cut.



Dux's Sprite designed by tumblr user Hamigakimomo

DUX was aquired early on through an in-game trade, in exchange for a Spearow. He quickly became an essential member of the party due to learning the HM Cut.

One notable battle of his was in Silph Co against a Rocket's Marowak. DUX was the only remaining member of the party who hadn't fainted, and due to his immunity to ground types, continually avoided Marowak's Bone Club. Meanwhile, He constantly was using leer on his opponent, staring his opponent down and dropping his defenses. Soon after, DUX used Cut twice and killed the Marowak.

Personality (Lore)Edit

Dux, Digrat, and Cabbage are often found together in lore, considering they were the major three Pokemon released on Bloody Sunday.


Because DUX was aquired via in-game trade, his in-game name was not chosen by the players.


Dux was accidently released at 10d 13h 13m during the events of Bloody Sunday.  His release was seen as a huge loss by the community, because he was one of the only Pokemon that knew Cut, along with Cabbage.

Return Edit

Dux returned in run #28 on 19h 26m by trading a Spearow.


  • After Dux and the Admiral were released, many viewers believed the first Cut user of every game was doomed to be released. However, the fact Chairman Meow survived in FireRed has mostly ended that theory.
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