. TT
Nickname(s) "Dottie"
Pokémon Species Ninjask
Level 20
Status Released
Acquired 0d 7h 58m
Lost 7d 15h 37m
Attacks Fury Swipes, Harden, Leech Life, Cut

. TT, also known as Dottie, was A second Pokemon, the first one she caught in the wild. Dottie was released on 7d 15h 37m.

She had a Timid nature, and Speed Boost as an ability.


She was originally a Nincada that A caught, and subsequently evolved into a Ninjask. A slot was available in A's party at the time, which produced a Shedinja as well.

The EvolutionEdit

Much player debate was focused on attempts to evolve her to gain a Shedinja, which successfully happened on 3d 19h 56m. This spurned a large amount of surprise in the chat when it happened as .TT became the first Pokemon to evolve on the first try in Emerald.
.TT evelved TPP

.TT evolving on the first attempt.


At 7d 15h 37m, Dottie was accidently released. She was the second Pokemon to be released in Emerald, after Zexy.


Her nickname, "Dottie", came from the dot in her actual name, followed by the two Ts.



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