Nickname(s) "Doctor Hoot", "Dr. Hoot", "Dr. Franz K Hootenhauten PHD"
Pokémon Species Hoothoot
Level 31
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 1d 16h 9m
Attacks Peck, Hypnosis, Reflect, Take Down

Doctor Hoot (aka Dr. Hoot, Dr. Franz K. Hootenhauten PHD, or HOOTHOOT) was a Hoothoot that spent a short time on AJ's team before being deposited into Bill's PC.

Personality (lore)Edit

While the good doctor wasn't in the party long to generate much lore based off his actions, some people view him as a wise medical doctor, serving the team as a medic to go along with the military theme. Others view him as the Pokémon equivalent of the Doctor from Doctor Who.

Also, some believe that in his time with Brian, who was a PIDGEY at the time in the Daycare Center, Dr. Hoot helped Brian get over his identity issues and evolve.


"Dr. Hoot" came from people viewing him as the team's medic.  "Dr. Franz K Hootenhauten PHD" came from a short story, titled "The Dr. Hoot Files", a collaboration by reddit users 7ofDiamonds and vashvhexx.  In the story he is a psychologist and join's AJ's team to study the madness inflicting the Pokémon trainer and its effects on the team members. It is possible that they came up with the idea for him be a psychologist due to the popularity of his nickname Dr. Hoot and the fact that he had hypnosis in his move list.


Fanart by Reddit user rubiscodisco

The spelling of his name as "Doctor Hoot" came from depictions of the Pokémon traveling in his own version of the TARDIS, with the Hoothoot wielding a sonic screwdriver and sporting a fez and a bowtie, inspired by the attire of the eleventh Doctor. The spelling of his name mimics how the title of the popular BBC show Doctor Who is spelt.


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