Democracy is the game-play mode that was introduced mid-way through Gen 1 (Pokemon Red) and has had subsequent appearences in all generations since.  It is also considered a political affiliation within the community by many.


Democracy mode was first introduced in the Team Rocket HQ of Generation 1 after the stream had spent over twenty four hours attemping the spinning plates maze.  Initially, many players were angry at the game-mode's introduction, which led to the Start 9 Riots.  Since then Democracy has been looked upon with mixed reactions, with some players praising its efficiency while others state that it goes against the original purpose of Twitch Plays Pokemon.  For the rest of Gen 1 voting was allowed for either Anarchy mode or Democracy, with a sliding bar that would show the trends of the votes.

During Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal), Democracy was instituted on the hour every hour automatically, with players then having the option to vote for Anarchy and leave Democracy mode.

In subsequent generations, Democracy mode has been disabled until a point in the run where the streamer deems it 'necessary'. From that point on a voting period occurs every hour that allows players to decide to either stay in Anarchy mode or enter Democracy mode at the expiration of the voting period.

During Anniversary Red, Democracy was only in certain places and in those areas, whenever the area was entered, a 24 hour timer would start, which would stop if the Hivemind left the area, but resumed once re-entered. After the timer ended, Democracy would be enabled within that area for the remainder of the run. If the area is exited, Anarchy will be re-enabled. This was used not only to help get through difficult areas but also to make preparations such as changing team line ups or training.

Democracy was enabled in the following places:

How it worksEdit

Although the streamer has made changes to Democracy mode throughout the playthroughs, at its core it has remained the same: players input a command that is grouped with like commands and counts as a 'vote' for that command.  After some period of time (usually between 10s and 30s depending on the generation), the command with the highest amount of votes is registered and entered into the game.  This means that Democracy mode plays much slower than Anarchy mode, but allows for much more coordinated, precise play.

As a Political AffiliationEdit

Democracy has often been viewed as the opposite of Anarchy and thus as the evil religion within the lore. As Anarchy has the Helix Fossil and Lord Helix as its patrons, so too does Democracy with the Dome Fossil and Lord Dome, who are seen as being akin to the Antichrist.

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