Nickname(s) "Chairman Meow", "Meow Zedong"
Pokémon Species Skitty
Level 39
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 0d 8h 2m
Attacks Recycle, Mean Look, Cut, Leer

ZDNNNG, more commonly known as Chairman Meow, is a Skitty owned by A in the Randomized FireRed run. He was caught on Route 1.

He has a Careful nature, and Magma Armor as an ability.


TPP MeowZedong

Meow's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Chairman Meow was around the fifth Pokemon caught by Alice on the first day of the FireRed run. When Zigzagoon was released and every other Pokemon was deposited, Chairman Meow was the last Pokemon in the party, giving him a lot of opportunity to grind and level up. Learning Mean Look and Psychic, in addition to his starting Hyper Fang, he soon grew to be one of the most powerful Pokemon in Alice's team. However, unlike all the other crutch characters, at level 31, Chairman Meow forgot Hyper Fang for Leer, marking the start of his fall from grace. Eventually, he lost all of his damaging moves with the exception of Cut, and so was deposited in the PC. Lore says he sends help from afar whenever he can.


Due to the name 'ZDNNNG', which resembles 'Zedong', he is typically depicted as a counterpart of China's Communist leader Mao Zedong.


Meow's deposit is often interpreted as him leaving the party voluntarily to ensure the experience would be distributed equally among all Pokemon. The Chairman also kickstarted the Communist theme within Randomized FireRed


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