The GBA game Catz was played during the Intermission between Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal) and Gen 3 (Pokemon Emerald).



Michael Catson doing the Moonwalk

The gameplay spawned a few in-jokes within the community, most notably 'character' Michael Catson.  The first cat that the stream was to take care of in Catz became stuck in its walking animation in place while attempting to walk through a shelf. Because this supposedly happened while the streamer was asleep, the stream remained like this for hours before the streamer reset the stream. During this time many memes were created. Players noted that it looked like the cat was attempting the "Moonwalk", the dance move made famous by Michael Jackson.  This led people to begin to call the cat Michael Catson, and gifs were made of Catson doing the Moonwalk with the hat made famous by Michael Jackson in some of his eighties music videos. 

A video was also made depicting Michael Catson on a never ending journey through the Pokeworld, his quest: to reach Viridian City.

Michael Catson is on the road to Viridian City TPP parody

Michael Catson is on the road to Viridian City TPP parody

On the road to Viridian City

The other notable in-joke created by Catz is 'party like it's 10:PM'—caused by the same glitch as Michael Catson, the in-game clock was permanently stuck on 10 PM.