This article is about Red's Pokémon. For A's Pokémon, see Cabbage the White.
Nickname(s) "Cabbage," "Seed of Hope," ""X-Cabbage"
Pokémon Species Gloom
Level 31
Status Released
Acquired 4d 11h 32m
Lost 10d 12h 43m
Attacks Cut, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder

x(araggbaj, better known as Cabbage or the Seed of Hope, was a Gloom used in Red's party during the Gen 1 playthrough. It was released in the events of the Bloody Sunday massacre.


Cabbage was originally just called ODDISH, but after stopping at the Name Rater, ODDISH was renamed to x(araggbaj.


Cabbage 1

Cabbage's Sprite designed by Hamigakimomo.

Cabbage's nickname comes from the fact its name sounds something like Cabbage when said. X-Cabbage is another interpretation.

Seed of Hope comes from the belief that Cabbage would have been instrumental in the run following the release of Jay Leno and Abby.

Lore InterpretationsEdit

It has been theorised that Cabbage the White is either related to Cabbage, or even Cabbage itself.


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