Burglar Simon
Burglar Simon is a burglar who Red encountered on the top floor of the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. He is noted for trapping Red in a corner of the room, leaving him stuck there for several hours.


At 11d 22h 58m 33s, Red initiated a battle against Burglar Simon. However, because he talked to Burglar Simon while he was blocking the only exit, Red effectively trapped himself in the corner. After repeatedly asking Burglar Simon to move, Red discovered that he could do nothing but wonder where his partner went. Thus, Red's only hope of escape was to black out from wild encounters, which he did approximately 2 and a half hours later.

Many speculate that this grueling trial was divine retribution for releasing Digrat, as his signature move would have proven useful in this situation.

During the Anniversary of TPP, Abe was also trapped by Burglar Simon. He too wondered where his partner went.


Could you please move?


Burglar Simon's trapping of Red and Abe later influenced the development of Crystal 251, where he made an appearance in Azalea Gym and gave the EXP. Share to Evan. He was also seen at the Olivine Lighthouse, Goldenrod Underground, Pewter City and Cinnabar Island, where he returned the Research Notes required to rebattle Blaine. He also accepted that his partner was dead, killed when the volcano erupted.

Due to the number of times he was battled, he has been declared a rival.