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Nickname(s) "Abby"
Pokémon Species Charmeleon
Level 34
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 0d ??h ??m
Lost 4d 8h 52m 20s
Attacks Cut, Bide, Growl, Leer
Gender ♀ (Fan consensus)

♂ (Gen 2 transfer)

ABBBBBBK(, (named Abby by TPP players), was the Gen 1 Red's first Pokémon. After evolving to a Charmeleon and leading the party to many victories, Abby was accidentally released day five of the TPP Gen 1 playthrough, at 4d 8h 52m.

Personality (Lore)[]

Abby's Sprite designed by Hamigakimomo.

Abby's personality did not have much time to develop during her time on the Gen 1 run, however later comics and stories that follow her post release depict her often as the leader of those who were released. She is often portrayed as kind and caring in these works. In most depictions she is either gathering together the "lost" or "released" Pokémon, either to protect them or to go on journeys of their own that often aid the protagonists, although the trainers and their 'mon are often unaware of the assistance.


"The Poketa" by Reddit user Sigerick

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Abby was accidentally released at 04d 08h 52m 20s when players were attempting to deposit Eevee, later Flareon. Most lore depicted the release as her death, since the release made her irretrievable.

Theories Behind Release (Lore)[]

Many theories exist as to how and why Abby was released. Originally during Gen 1's playthrough Flareon was accused of working under orders of the Dome Fossil to sabotage Red's quest from within by joining the party and causing the starter to be released. However, recent revisions to the lore place blame mainly on Bill, who has since become one of the most well known villains in TPP lore. Despite the multiple interpretations surrounding her release, almost all follow the theme of an attempt to end Red's quest and prevent the resurrection of Helix by some entity through the release of the starter Pokémon.

Twitch Pokédex Entry(ies)[]

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